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Who got Olympic tickets?

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    I didn't get anything, was really disappointed by it. Really exicted about the olympics though! Can't wait!
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    None for the Stadium events, one for the football at Wembley.

    The whole ticket process has been disgraceful and Lord Coe ought to resign.
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    I got synchronised swimming soo excited!
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    I got handball :awesome:
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    in the first round of applications we applied for a grands worth and didn't get anything
    in the second round of tickets we applied for what was going and have secured bronze medal beach vollyball
    we'll be looking for more in the resale
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    I got Mens 1500m Final which has mens 800 semi's and womens 100 hurdles final too! I cannot wait!!
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    So far I have:

    Football prelims at Old Trafford

    Volleyball prelims at Earl's Court

    Football Final (women's) at Wembley.

    Still hunting down some tickets across the continent and abroad. Prepared to break the bank with my student loans and get a hospitality ticket for £900 odd which includes both ceremonies and 9 athletics events. Would kill for tickets to women's gymnastics.
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    I applied for over £600 worth and got nothing. I really wanted to see the gymnastics. I was very surprised that rhythmic gymnastics sold out so quickly.
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    2 Showjumping finals tickets
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    (Original post by dipless)
    yep got tickets for althletics womens 100m final, 10,000m final can't remember the other events on that day, also got the mens and womens hockey finals :woo: Think I got quite lucky
    you got the hockey finals D: ... I applied both times for those was gutted do you play?
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    (Original post by hockeyjoe)
    you got the hockey finals D: ... I applied both times for those was gutted do you play?
    I know sooo excited can't wait to go and see them

    Yeah played a lot when I was younger but going to try and get back into it when I go back to uni :awesome: Where do you play?
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    (Original post by dipless)
    I know sooo excited can't wait to go and see them

    Yeah played a lot when I was younger but going to try and get back into it when I go back to uni :awesome: Where do you play?
    urm i play for Luton Town HC. What about you?
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    Luckily I got two games of Football at Wembley. Not what I really wanted but, would of happily taken anything.
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    i got tennis - centre court and horse riding.
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    Tried twice, never got any.
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    eventing finals
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    Just purchased some more tickets today. I now have tickets for the following events:


    Football: GB Men's game at Old Trafford, Quarter Final and Semi-final men's at Old Trafford, Women's Final at Wembley and Men's Final at Wembley.

    Volleyball: Preliminary Round at Earl's Court.

    Beach Volleyball: Preliminary Round at Horseguards Parade

    Synchro Swimming: Preliminary Round at Aquatics Centre

    Taekwondo: Final

    Gymnastics-Trampoline: Women's final at the O2

    Atheltics: various finals but not 100m or 200m boo, Olympic Stadium.

    Also got some Paralympic Tickets: Athletics (200m final) and Judo final.

    I will probably sell on some of my tickets seeing as I got the key ones I wanted e.g. Football final, athletics, aquatics and gymnastics. I'm holding out for Opening and Closing Ceremony tickets but if I get the job then I'll be there for those events anyways...fingers crossed.
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    I have Mens 100m final tickets.
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    (Original post by Danh13)
    I have Mens 100m final tickets.
    Me too!
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    mens olympic finals !!


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