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Girls: What would you wear if you hadn't seen your boyfriend in months????

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    Hi girls,
    I haven't seen my boyfriend in almost a year (we are in a LDR). He is coming to visit me and I will be picking him up from the airport. Any ideas on outfits I could wear? I want to look pretty and have him think 'wow, she looks beautiful!!', yknow something along those lines, but not tooooo overdressed.

    What would you girls wear if you hadn't seen each other in ages and wanted to look nice (perhaps a bit extra nice to surprise him - i.e. looking a bit nicer than what you'd usually wear just lounging around at home)??
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    A YEAR? Wow. Something nice underneath perhaps ;D
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    i doubt he'll care much what you're wearing. assuming you'll be driving and it's hot weather i'd wear something comfortable. probably shorts and a nice top with pumps.
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    A boobage top a rather sinking v neck.
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    a year o.O,

    Id just go with what ever you dont mind being thrown on the floor when you get home...

    and then you can put somthing that looks nice on after
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    (Original post by Bleak Lemming)
    A YEAR? Wow. Something nice underneath perhaps ;D
    Haha. I knew I'd get answers like this. Ofc I will wear something nice underneath I would like suggestions on outfits please
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    Absolutely nothing at all
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    but seriously nice jeans and a pretty top. casual but enough effort. maybe do nice makeup and hair too, just a bit more than what you do when as you said you're lounging around the house
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    awesome underwear, nice tank top on top, sexy hair
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    or this with a coat over it
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    I suggest either a summer dress, with flat pumps. Or perhaps a pair fo skinny jeans, a nice top, with a belt, and a nice pair of high heels?
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    Something pretty and sweet, but sexy at the same time. Like a cute flowery skirt, teamed with a tight, boob-enhancing top. Don't go for something which you wouldn't normally wear - you want him to have that nice warm fuzzy feeling of familiarity when he sees you, so make it something which is still very "you"
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    A sexy trench coat, some heels and sexy underwear / nothing underneath. Spend some time on hair and make-up (not OTT but more than just casual) and a good perfume.


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Updated: June 3, 2011
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