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    I'm starting a Masters in September 2011 doing Conservation Biology with Zoo Studies. I will be living in Wilmslow Park and have requested other postgraduate/mature flat mates as I feel I have 'done' the whole crazy drunk student thing (although that's not to say that I don't plan on going out or drinking sometimes).

    Anyone else on a similar course or living at Wilmslow?

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    Hey Lizi...
    Ya I am starting the same Masters too in September but haven't organised any accommodation yet..have to get moving. Where did you find your accommodation? Through the university website or an alternative? Ciara
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    Hey Ciara!
    That's cool. You excited?
    I found accommodation through the MMU website on the private halls section. Wilmslow Park is run by Opal though. Are you thinking of moving into halls?
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    Ya i'm getting pretty excited about the whole thing. Think I will be living in a house with 2 of my friends so we're looking for something these days. Do you know anything about the field trip abroad?? Like prices or if we need to pay for accommodation when we are there etc?
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    Ah cool did you do your undergrad in MMU as well?
    As far as I know, the Tanzania trip is around £2000 which covers everything apart from alcohol and spending money. Isle of Mull is free I think! I'm quite tempted to do both (1 as an elective)
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    hey guys

    Im starting at mmu in sept too. doing msc forensic psychology.

    I also lived in wilmslow park when i first moved to manchester 2 years ago and to put in a request for a mature postgrad flat is to be dead and cut off from the world. i was in a flat of 4 above the gym with 2 chinese girls who spoke minimal english and 1 other girl who i barely saw. if you want somewhere to just put your head down but easy access to the undergrad parties...of which there are many...id recommend it.. feel free to ask any specific questions about it though xx
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    yeh thats cool. i've always got on better with people from my course/clubs than people i live with plus i know a load of people in the area so am not too worried about being a bit cut off in my hall. not gona be in much anyway :P

    do you know how much the gym is? xx
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    When I was there it £200 upfront for the whole year or £15 per month. But I've heard it's gone up like crazy so you may be better off going to the 24 hour gyms in the city centre the gym and pure gym
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    When is the last date when you can apply to study a MSc Digital Media at MMU?
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    postgraduate as well doing management.
    most probably gonna be living in wilmslow park.
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    (Original post by TheGreatest21)
    When is the last date when you can apply to study a MSc Digital Media at MMU?
    I'd imagine for most courses it's June or July but your best bet is to phone up
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    (Original post by nikhilc)
    postgraduate as well doing management.
    most probably gonna be living in wilmslow park.
    Nice to finally hear of a postgrad going to Wilmslow Park
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    (Original post by Lizi-123)
    Nice to finally hear of a postgrad going to Wilmslow Park
    I'll probably reach there by the 12th or 13th of september. Do you know if there's any orientation or special week like the freshers week for international students?
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    I'd imagine so...there usually is at other unis. I know my course has an induction meeting and weekend away but presume they will have some general postgrad events as well Will hopefully hear next week
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    I'm also doing the MSc Conservation Biology with Zoo Studies but I don't start until January. Hope to see you there next year.
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    I'm doing MA Librarianship, living at Mansion Court. Very quiet so far- I'm the only one in my flat moved in!
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    Anyone studying Msc events management?
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    I'm going to be studying MSc Conservation Biology (with ornithology) next september and was wondering if anyone could let me know what the main textbooks are?

    My budget is going to be tight so trying to account for everything! And hopefully give myself time to find some bargains.

    I hope you're all enjoying the course so far Sorry this is off topic.
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    what where your reasons for applying to the course????


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