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    Starting point! Sunday 26th January 2014

    Background; I am fat – very fat. I always have been overweight, even as a child. However, the last 4(ish) years have been the worst. The weight has been creeping on and the activity levels have been decreasing.
    As a child I was always fairly active. In primary school, from the age of about 7 I’d play in the girl’s school cricket and netball teams. I also took up Taekwondo which I did 2-3 times a week from the age of 7 until I was 10. I reluctantly gave it up when we moved due to the lack of local clubs! I was devastated because I’d reached 3rd Kup/Blue belt, only 4 exams away from Black belt. I’d also just become the Under 10’s British National Taekwondo Pairs Patterns Champion and was looking forward to more competition – I’m a very competitive person!
    Those activities aside, in Secondary school I was still fairly active from school PE lessons and outside activities. Although I didn’t do any sports at this point. I’d even taken Sport for GSCE, meaning I’d be doing around 6 hours of sports a week.
    The problem ballooned, and so did I, after I finished school. I went to college to do a Health and Social care course with placements at the local hospital. This meant I had less and less time to myself, spent at least 3 hours a day on a bus to get to college/placement and had become more of a social recluse.
    Fast forward 4 years and a few months to now. I do virtually no exercise, except for walking a lot at work. I have given up pretty much all of my hobbies and my life has been taken over by my degree, and this year will be worst because I have the dreaded dissertation to write. Basically, I am very much at a low point in my life in terms of social activity and self-esteem regarding my appearance. I am FED UP – and very fat.

    It has to change – NOW! No waiting until the next new year, or the first day of the month or even next Monday. NOW! Before I pile on more weight, before I get stuck down with something like Diabetes! Therefore, in order to kick my somewhat oversized backside into gear I’ve taken drastic action:

    1. I’ve brought a gym kit AND a bike
    2. I’ve signed up to the gym
    3. I’ve signed up to do the Great Manchester Cycle in June – 26 miles.

    Starting Stats:

    Age: 20
    Height: 5ft 5incs
    Weight: 105kg
    BMI: 38.5 OBESE!
    Waist size: 47inces FAT!

    1 week and 2 days in! Tuesday 4th February 2014

    So far so good – I guess. I joined the gym 1 week and 2 days ago and have been roughly alternate days since.
    My main motivator at present is the fact I’ve signed up to do the Great Manchester Cycle (26 miles) in June. Therefore I have to work on my general fitness and cycling. I’m going for around 1 hour and doing work on the exercise bikes followed by another quick cardio machine and some leg weights.
    It may not seem a lot but I don’t want to do ‘too much too soon’ and it’s certainly better than the zero exercise I was doing.
    Here’s my progress so far cycling wise;
    (Setting are Level 5 and Random programme so I can practice inclines)

    Day 1 - 5K in 14mins 32 secs
    Day 2 (Tuesday 28th Jan) – 10K in 30mins 27 secs
    Day 3 – 10K in 28mins 5 secs
    Day 4 - 10K in 27mins 55 secs
    DAY 5 (Tuesday 4th Feb) – 10K in 25 mins 24 secs!
    I can’t express how over the moon I am at knock 5 mins off my 10K distance in 1 week!

    Goals for next week;

    1. Keep working on my 10K cycles
    2. Invest in some padded cycle shorts - cycling hurts!
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    Wednesday 12th Feb - Slow and Steady wins the race?!

    Okay - so another week has passed and I've slowed down slightly. Managing 10K in around 26 min 30 sec (ish). However, I'm not too fused about the time slowing slightly as it has started to feel better. I'm not so knackered and out of breath - although I still look a mess walking out of the gym with sweat pouring and my hair a mess! Signs of a job workout I think!

    I'm also working more on building up the muscle in my legs - working on the cross trainers for around 5-10 minuets and getting on weight machines in the hope it may tone my fat backside and legs!

    As for the diet side of things - I've got work to do. I've been trying, and sometimes failing, to have a balanced diet. Meals are fine but chocolate is my nemesis at the moment! ha!

    That's about all I have to report on at present. Basically there's still lots of work to do BUT I'm getting there .. slowly - very slowly!

    Goals for next week;

    1. Start working towards 15K distances on the bike
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    Good luck
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    (Original post by Ripper-Roo)
    Good luck
    Thanks So far, so good .. I think!
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    Good luck, I'm glad you've started to make a change
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    Good luck Joanna. Keep it up. Remember consistency over the months is what adds up. You will mess up from personal experience but the odd crap day doesn't affect your long term journey.

    I lost about 5st in 2012/2013 so any help needed please feel free to ask.
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    (Original post by AreebWithaHat)
    Good luck Joanna. Keep it up. Remember consistency over the months is what adds up. You will mess up from personal experience but the odd crap day doesn't affect your long term journey.

    I lost about 5st in 2012/2013 so any help needed please feel free to ask.
    Oh wow, well done you!
    Thanks for the encouragement I will be sure to let you know if I think of anything, Thanks!
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    In to watch. Best of luck, you got this!
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    25 Feb 2014 - 15K Day!

    Today I was in the 'zone' and managed 15K on the exercise bike at the gym today It wasn't actually too bad and with a sign in the gym stating; 'A workout is 25% perspiration and 75% determination' I couldn't back down. I managed it in 36 mins and 27 secs, which I pretty happy about. I was also at 10K at 24 mins and 45 secs which is my quickest time for that distance too so far! Consequently; I think my training is going fairly well - pretty steady.

    Also, I've been feeling ALOT less stressed - when I'm going insane with Uni/Dissertation I've been smashing it out in the gym and so far it's working - HURRAY! I'm hoping I can keep this up, as next month I start my next placement on critical care, so I'm going to be working as well as doing assignments/dissertation and placement evidence so I'm hoping I can continue to drag my sorry backside to the gym!

    Food wise - I'm still battling with the Chocolate (got a real addiction going on atm) and so far the Choc is winning! Other than that, I think I'm doing fairly well. Still not brave the scales as yet tho! :P

    Goals for next week:

    1. Continue 15K distances!
    2. ?Brave the scales?
    3. Kick the Chocolate habit!?
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    good work, you're doing well. nothing wrong with a little choc everyday!
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    (Original post by AreebWithaHat)
    good work, you're doing well. nothing wrong with a little choc everyday!
    I eat loads though - because we've got loads left from Christmas still!
    Plus, I've got some study leave for about 3 weeks so it's sat calling my name! haa
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    06/03/14 - Giving up chocolate for lent!

    I am by no means religious in any sense of the word (unless you count religiously eating chocolate) BUT in a bid to curb my chocolate eating addiction I've given up chocolate for lent. AND it's officially on Facebook that anyone who see's me eating any during lent can rugby tackle me to the ground and wrestle it out of my hand. Hopefully, it will help with cutting down on chocolate in the long run!


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