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Is Federer really this arrogant?

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    (Original post by tufc)
    ... and I can't wait until Nadal beats his grand slam record.
    In your dreams :rofl:.

    Federer will add another GS to the list tomorrow .

    (Original post by tehFrance)
    I think it is what a confident person says, he even admits at the end if he does not play well he will most likely lose, how is that arrogance? arrogance is saying he would win no matter what.

    Edit: I would also like to point out that the majority the British call arrogant are intact non-British or Non-European... outside of this island we like to big ourselves up slightly, it is not arrogance but confidence.

    Haters gon' hate, potatoes gon' potate and mirer's gon' mire.
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    "I just waited for my moment, tried to be there all the time, tried to put him in difficult situations.

    "I'm the one that's playing with smaller margins, so obviously I'm always going to go through a few more ups and downs, whereas Rafa is content doing the one thing for the entire time.

    "So it's always me who's going to dictate play and decide how the outcome is going to be. If I play well, I will most likely win. If I'm not playing so well, that's when he wins.

    "But I thought Rafa played well. I think he dug deep to come back in the first set and get himself into the match. And also the second set.


    That doesn't sound arrogant... He's saying that nadal does not have to try many different things, and to try and beat him he must move nadal around the court and out of position.

    (Original post by Student2806)
    Federer in full flow probably is going to beat anyone on the other side of the net. He's the best all-round player the sport has ever seen.
    I don't see how stating fact is arrogance.
    Agreed but for the last 5 years, practically every final he has been in, a key part of his game has self-destructed. Either its the serve, or the backhand or even the trusted forehand. Federer hasn't played in full flow in a final since 05-06. Its ridiculous. I would love to see that federer back though in a final, the federer of perfection.

    (Original post by Alkain1607)
    Federer was in full flow 2008- yet lost to Nadal. Never won a French open? He clearluy is not the greatest player the game has ever seen. Nadal is a much better player, as is Djokovic.


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