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Help to choose right Master. Politics: LSE, Warwick, Kings or SOAS?

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    So, did you finally decide which Master to follow ?

    I guess I'm pretty much in the same situation, but (with less prestige probably), I have an offer from SOAS for Intl Politics and one from KCL for Geopolitics, Territory, and Security.

    As my dream career would be probably some political consultancy office in the Middle East, I'm really divided upon what to choose (as SOAS is good for studying the Middle East, but also KCL gives good perspectives in a more "practical" way).

    Would be great to have your feedback on your choice!

    (Original post by Vittel2011)
    Hi guys,

    I´m an international student with a bachelor´s degree in Political Science and I REALLY need your advice for some MA programmes!

    I´ve been admitted for the following MA programmes in the UK:

    LSE- MSc Politics and Government in the European Union (my first choice was International Relations Theory, but I applied too late, now Im in a reserve group for IRT)

    Kings College- MA International Relations

    Warwick and NTU (Singapore) - Double Masters Programme in Politics and
    International Studies

    SOAS- MA International Politics

    My favorites are LSE and the Double Master Programme Warwick-NTU!

    What do you guys recommend me to choose? Is LSE worth the money? How are my chances to find a job in EU Institutions with a LSE degree? Does anyone of you have information about the Double Masters?

    I could imagine becoming an academic or working for Int. Organisations!

    Thanks !!!


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Updated: June 27, 2012
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