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Getting to the Bar and GDL Scholarship

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    Hi everybody, i'm new here. I'm just writing for two reasons, firstly, from all of your combined knowledge and experience do I have a shot at the bar/scholarship?

    Qualifications: (State School)

    A levels: Politics (A) History (A) Geography (A)

    University of York Politics BA w/ Hons (2:1)

    University of Warwick Politics MA (current average Merit)

    BPP, Waterloo Part-time (Accepted)


    NO legal work experience.


    A 2 week work placement at The Times (Homes News Desk / Marketing)
    Work experience with MP (albeit, some years ago now)


    Only volunteering I have is 2 years as an unpaid boxing coach.

    I also have various part-time and summer jobs under my belt but these are primarily retail etc.

    I have a scholarship interview with Inner Temple so any tips on what to expect etc would be really appreciated.

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    Your qualifications are pretty standard. I don't know how the interview goes. Obviously something in your application impressed them. If you get a scholarship, that's great. But there are reams of candidates with 3 As and a 2:i from a good uni, some with a masters, and more don't than do get pupillage. If you don't get the scholarship, I'd give real consideration to whether you'd be content to try to become a solicitor--most people don't make it to the bar, so you're taking on a lot of debt for a relatively small chance.
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    I agree with jjarvis. i'm sorry if it sounds a bit negative, but you will probably need the scholarship to set yourself apart from all the other extremely well-qualified candidates who're aiming for the Bar - just take a look at the Pupillage 2011 thread here to see how much agony is involved!

    but if you do get a scholarship, it's a bit like getting a seal of approval - so that'll help. if you're looking for interview tips, try the Inns of Court scholarship group on facebook: I know it has some GDL scholarship tips.

    one thing you'll definitely be asked is: how do you know you want a career at the bar if you haven't done any mini-pupillages? that's something to really think about before you go in.

    hope that helps.

    PS: it is very possible to get a scholarship without having a mini-pupillage under your belt - one my friends did - but you need to be pretty phenomenal and convincing the panel that you're committed to a career at the Bar!


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Updated: June 8, 2011
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