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How Many Countries Have You Been To?

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    1 (The UK)

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    Europe: UK, France, Greece, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Spain, Finland, Turkey, (Bulgaria, going next week - lads holiday).

    Carribean countries: Barbados, Dominican Republic, St Lucia, St Martin, Antigua

    Africa: South Africa, Zambia, Tunisia

    Other: USA

    There's probably a couple that I've forgotten, but 19 in 18 years, that isn't too bad!
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    9: UK, France, Germany, Canada, US, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Spain and Belgium. Hopefully India and Morocco soon!
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    Hi,i'm from asian and have been to the UK,France and Saudi Arabia(is it considered as one country?),,,

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    I've been to 6 countries: UK, France (x4), Belgium, Spain (x4 - including Tenerife), The Gambia, and Russia.

    Next year I plan on going to the USA!
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    (Original post by dgeorge)
    Awesome! I'm here right now (I live here that is)
    That must be great- sunshine almost all the time. For the past few days it hasn't stopped raining where I am. At least in the Caribbean the rain is hot. Might see you there that is if the mosquitoes don't eat you alive. I got a massive bite a few years ago, it was still itchy 2 weeks after we came back home!
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    Britain, Ireland(Dublin), France(Normandy), Belgium(Ypres), Spain(Madrid, Barcelona), Italy(Venice), Greece(Athens, Delphi, Olympia, Tolo, Pylos, Mycenae), Turkey(Istanbul).

    And Vienna late this month, and probably Bratislava while I'm there, which'll bring the grand total up from 8 to 10.
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    America, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Gran Canaria
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    (Original post by benten17)
    That must be great- sunshine almost all the time. For the past few days it hasn't stopped raining where I am. At least in the Caribbean the rain is hot. Might see you there that is if the mosquitoes don't eat you alive. I got a massive bite a few years ago, it was still itchy 2 weeks after we came back home!
    Sounds more like sandflies. Those are far worse because you don't feel them for a day or two, then they take a while to disappear
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    5-6ish. United Kingdom, Belgium (only a stop off), Germany, France, South Africa, Namibia (flight transfer).
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    4 - Belgium, France, Spain and the United States of America.
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    France, Spain, Germany and Greece. Hopefully going to Slovenia soon, so maybe 5 if I'm lucky!
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    Spain, Italy, Germany and France is all i've been to so far. Although all of them more than once.

    I've saved a whole load of money though to be used for travelling once i'm done with uni, or just during holidays. I might do some small trips this summer.

    i'd most like to travel the U.S & Canada. And also the Scandinavian countries.
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    Britain, United States, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Monaco, Germany, Italy, Australia, Hong Kong (PRC), Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Greece (Crete), Spain, Cyprus, Bahamas, New Zealand, PNG, Niue. - 20
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    UK (have flown to northern ireland a few times to visit family), Republic of Ireland -a few times to visit family, Greece, Cyprus, Mexico, Dominican Republic (got evacuated there from mexico cos of a hurricane lol), Spain (Fuerteventura), Tunisia, France and Belgium.

    That makes 10

    Apparently technically I've been to Canada because when I was on a school trip that took us to the battlefields of France and Belgium, one of them was apparently Canadian ground so the tour guide said that we were technically in a little bit of Canada. I don't think that counts though lol just like my crappy legoland driving license
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    A lot, its definitely around 30.

    Europe: UK, France, Belgium, Monaco, Vatican City, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, Cyprus, Iceland

    America: USA, Canada, Mexico

    Caribbean: Barbados, Dominican Republic

    Africa: Egypt, Tunisia, Kenya

    Asia & Middle East: Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Sir Lanka

    My memory runs dry after this. I think there may have been one or two places when I was REALLY young I can't remember.
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    Most of Western Europe. Europe, **** yeh!
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    UK, France, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, USA, Holland, Austria.
    Plus I've driven through Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg.
    In 24 hours i once went into seven different countries: Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, France, UK
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    The UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Monaco, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Greece, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein - Those are the European ones.

    Ghana, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia - Africa

    Sri Lanka, Singapore, Maldives, UAE - Asia

    Canada and America - North America

    Haven't been to South America or Oceania but neither of those continents interest me as much as the other three.

    And I believe the total countries I've visited is 28!
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    (Original post by pr0view)
    Think you might be cheating by counting Gibraltar as a country.
    Why? It mostly governs itself and doesn't have any political connections to its bordering country (Spain).
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    Okay my dad really liked travelling -.- So we end up going all over the place

    I've visited-
    The USA, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Slovenia.

    So thats 14 o.o


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