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What are your hobbies?

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    I get involved with a lot of theatre activities, I'm currently in a choir and am rehearsing for a show called Babel in May, so that takes up a lot of time. I like reading a lot, particularly history stuff (which is good seeing as that's what I applied for!), and I'm starting to learn how to cook a bit now too.
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    TSR :ahee:
    Making 'home movies' :sexface:
    Poking fat people
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    Music - listening to it, playing bass and guitar, playing in bands, and going to gigs!
    Also, swimming, martial arts (kung fu and karate), and motorcycles. :cool:
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    Since I come to uni I joined the rock climbing team and its really fun. One problem is you start thinking you can climb anything and naturally come unstuck. Playing guitar is great too, it's something you can spend hours practicing or a few minutes pissing about with. It's awesome when you finally nail a song you thought was too hard to play.
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    Scuba Diving

    Expensive but worth every penny!


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