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IGCSE Further Pure Mathematics Edexcel June 13th 2011

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    Hi Guys,

    I was just wondering who else is going to be sitting this exam, because I haven't seen any other threads for this.

    Also I'm asking if anyone has any advice/ideas for what might be coming up.

    All responses appreciated.

    Thanks x
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    Yeh I've got the exam on Monday..I'm screwed, leaving all the revision for Sunday.
    Have you got the edexcel further maths textbook? There are some review questions near the back of the book, I expect most of what will come up will be similar if not a little bit harder than those.
    Once we've done the exam our teacher is going to have a lesson with us to predict what will come up in the next paper so I'll let you know what he thinks. Are many people in your year taking it? In ours its just the top set of about 20 people. I think its the first time this exam is being done.
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    There is about 20 people in our school also taking it, and personally I am finding it harder than AS C1 and C2, which I have also done. I've got the textbook. Thanks for the advice and let me know what your teacher thinks
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    Also, how high do you think the grade boundaries will be considering that it is quite a difficult exam???
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    Yeh it's a pretty hard exam. Done a bit of revision this morning, feeling reasonably confident. Well in our class mocks we've been doing with specimen papers etc, the range of scores has been huge, from 95% to below 20% and so A* was something like 75%. I expect 75-80 will be an A* and 65+ for the A which is what I expect I'll get. Oh and also our teacher has told us that we aren't being given any formulae in the exam, not sure if you've been told the same? He didn't seem very sure when he was telling us.
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    Yeah, that is unfortunately true. They do give you some trigonometric identities i.e Cos(A+B)=CosACosB-SinASinB. but you'll need to know the binomial expansion, Sin Rule, Cos Rules Arithmetic and Geometric progressions etc.
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    Okay cheers.. Good luck for tomorrow
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    I'm the only one in my school doing it :/

    My advice 2 u is 2 revice from O level papers (which is the same as out syllabus) here: http://www.edexcel.com/quals/olevel/...s/default.aspx

    Also, memorize all of the formulae even the ones in the normal IGCSE Maths such as sphere volume and surface area. You may need these formulaes sometimes when integrating to find the volume of the solid produced.

    Good luck ^^
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    About 50 of us out of 60 students are giving the exam. In our mocks, A was at 80, A* at 90. The best way to have practiced for these exams is the previous O Level Pure Maths exams. I have practiced a lot out of the last 20 years (since 1991).

    Good luck.
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    Well, how do you guys think it went??
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    It think it waz great! Btw where can we get da solutions to dis paper or cud somebody pls upload dem?
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    It was awsome. Pretty easy I guess, but the last 3 needed you to think a little.
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    Can everyone post their answers?We can cross check here.:
    6.The Ap comes n>5 n<14
    Area of kite comes 59. 5
    In 3D x=2.00
    The lg answer comes 2 and the other 1 i forgot
    The 3^x ones answers comes x=.63 or sth rest frgt
    The coordinate geometry equation of normal comes 2 one of the stationary point is 3/4.
    Pls post your answers.
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    For da AP question --> n>=5 and n<=14 since da question also had a ">=" sign nd both da values of 5 nd 14 wuld give a sum of 350!
    x waz equal to 2..
    Area of kite waz 59.5
    Nd wat wre da stationery points on dat asymptote?
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    stationary points one coordinate was 3/4 rest i frgt...two of them were whole numbers.asymptote=2
    Do u remember any other answers?
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    I think this paper was harder than paper 1 of jan 2011,so A would come around at 68 and A* 79-81.What do you think?
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    what is the answer to the last question?? the one about the angle between the two planes AVC and BVD????
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    The answer is 106.3 or 73.Btw do you remember the gradient of normal at A,i think it was question 9.Does it comes 2?Do you remember the equation of the curve given in the question?
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    A few stuff I remember:

    Area of kite = 59.5
    Volume = 120+(5/6) pi (Not sure how to write that )
    Log question - x=0.631, -1.46 and y=-1(or -0.995) and 8(.00)
    Log question - 2, the other one is 1/root(8) but that isn't to be taken, as X E Z+ (ie, only positive INTEGERS)
    Angle between planes - 65.2', 73.7', x=2
    B - 15/8 (No. 9)
    5<= n <= 14
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    (Original post by Amed)
    A few stuff I remember:

    Area of kite = 59.5
    Volume = 120+(5/6) pi (Not sure how to write that )
    Log question - x=0.631, -1.46 and y=-1(or -0.995) and 8(.00)
    Log question - 2, the other one is 1/root(8) but that isn't to be taken, as X E Z+ (ie, only positive INTEGERS)
    Angle between planes - 65.2', 73.7', x=2
    B - 15/8 (No. 9)
    5<= n <= 14
    Amedo you remember the gradient of the normal at A in question 9?Or do you remember the equation of the curve by any chance?I think i got a wrong gradient at A maybe 2 or sth ,so what was the mark for the last two part of 9,can you remember?


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