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Doing a PGCE in the West Midlands

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    Hi, wondered if you guys could help I want to apply for a PGCE place for September 2012 entry, somewhere in the West Midlands, and wondered if anyone could give their thoughts and experiences if they are doing a PGCE at a uni here. At the moment thinking about Newman, Wolverhampton, Worcester etc but am a little lost and don't know how to decide which uni!

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    (Original post by clairemellisa)
    There will be no real difference - a PGCE is a PGCE, schools don't care where its from, it isn't like at undergraduate level.

    I'd just opt for the one closest to where you'll be living and/or the one that has a catchment area of schools they use for training in an area you can get to easily. For example, my PGCE uni is in 1 town but most people are placed in 2 towns nearby - one is 20 miles to the east and one is 20 miles to the north. Very few people are actually in the town where the uni is located. The PGCE is a tough year meaning anything you can do to reduce the commute to your potential school is worth it, meaning just opt for the place closest to you or alternatively, the place where you think you will want to do your NQT year as then you're in a better position for jobs.

    I guess you could look at things whether there are 2 placements or 3 shorter ones and how the year is structured in that respect, but again, I don't think it makes an overly huge difference to jobs as schools just accept that each training provider does things differently.
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    Thanks oxymoronic


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Updated: June 14, 2011
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