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WHY do so many guys like shy girls?

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    I am a shy girl myself and don't get much attention so finding out that a lot of guys like shy girls suprises me
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    *******s. Where did you hear this from?
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    Did you hear this from TSR? Take a lot of things said on here with a big pinch of salt.
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    You're all gay if you ask me and I've been observing you lot for months now.
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    Because loud people are annoying
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    In our minds we believe there's a bit more to them, and some just like the challenge, or both. Mouthy ladettes can get boring after a while :K:
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    i likes a puzzle/challenge
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    Shy girls are usually animals in bed :perv:.... Just kidding.

    They're usually a lot more interesting than the loud-mouthed typical girl, and make better partners.
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    I like pretty girls.
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    Well I always thought guys go for confident girls, and that shy ones are 'boring'.
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    A shy girl is cute and mysterious... They're more interesting and when they do talk about them, it's usually something they're really passionate about.
    Then again, maybe I like a geeky conversation.
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    Because they don't say much (at least not to begin with), a guy can see her however he wants.
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    I personally prefer quieter girls.

    People who talk at the top of their voices all day, every day just.... argh... they irritate me.

    Plus shy girls are a bit 'mysterious' and unknown. So it makes the chase more fun.
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    I for one prefer normal girls instead of shy ones. Just because your not shy doesn't mean your loud there is a inbetween. I think it's mostly people on here that say they prefer shy girls because alot of people on here are shy themselves. I would much rather prefer a confident girl.
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    "Empty tin cans make the most noise" - Not sure who originally said it but I heard it from my Dad. I am reserved and quite shy and I am often overlooked. But at least I'm not getting attention for all of the wrong reasons like some girls do.

    I like dead girls
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    I think you're mistaking shy with quiet.
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    (Original post by OMGWTFBBQ)
    I personally prefer quieter girls.

    People who talk at the top of their voices all day, every day just.... argh... they irritate me.

    Plus shy girls are a bit 'mysterious' and unknown. So it makes the chase more fun.
    are you a shy boy?
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    I wish this was true. But in my experience most guys prefer outgoing, flirty girls.
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    boys offline prefer loud girls because they're easier to get with and don't require much effort to get to know them.
    boys online prefer shy girls because they're less likely to reject them and, if they do, it'll be quiety and save them embarassment and most of them are shy themselves so they find shy girls less intimidating.

    i know it's generalisation, but it's true for the majority.


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Updated: June 14, 2011
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