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AQA Geography GCSE - 8 mark questions

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    Has anyone got any tips on how to achieve "level 3" to get 7/8 marks in the 8 mark questions?
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    Sample question on population

    Describe how governments of richer countries have tried to cope with
    changes in population structure. (8)

    Sample mark scheme

    Level 1 (Basic) 1–4 marks:

    Simple statements
    Knowledge of basic information
    Simple understanding
    Few links; limited detail; uses a limited range of specialist terms
    Limited evidence of sentence structure. Frequent spelling, punctuation
    and grammatical errors.
    Build more hospitals. Build more old peoples’ homes. Raise taxes.

    Level 2 (Clear) 5–6 marks:

    Linked statements
    Knowledge of accurate information
    Clear understanding
    Answers have some linkages; occasional detail/exemplar; uses some
    specialist terms where appropriate
    Clear evidence of sentence structure. Some spelling, punctuation and
    grammatical errors.
    Raise taxes so more old peoples’ homes can be built. Employ more social
    workers to help elderly people remain in their own homes.

    Level 3 (Detailed) 7–8 marks:

    Detail, which may contain case study material
    Knowledge of accurate information appropriately contextualised and/or at
    correct scale
    Detailed understanding, supported by relevant evidence and exemplars
    Well organised, demonstrating detailed linkages and the interrelationships between factors
    Range of ideas in a logical form; uses a range of specialist terms where
    Well structured response with effective use of sentences. Few spelling,
    punctuation and grammatical errors.
    Level 3 does not always equate to full marks, a perfect answer is not
    usually expected, even for full marks.
    Increase the workforce by encouraging the immigration of young adults
    from poorer countries. Giving financial rewards to have more children
    such as in Italy and France. Raise the retirement age so people stay
    longer in work, continuing to pay taxes and so receive pensions for a
    shorter time. Make those in work pay higher taxes to pay the higher
    pensions and greater social security. Abolish state pensions and make
    people pay for their own pension.


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