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Lnat Results!

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    i got 18.

    i know most of you lot got more than that, but the national average is 16.9. so yea that does me. im happy
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    Hey i m a new member here..and an international one..jus wanna ask, among king's, nottingham, manchester, durham...which is best for law and which has the best environment and facilities?
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    Hi there jaydee... I'm from Singapore too, and will be reading Law at Nottingham in Sept this year...

    In my personal opinion, I would say that there's very little difference between Notts/King's/Durham, followed by Manchester...

    It also depends on what kind of environment YOU want? Do you want a campus-based university, or a city-based university? Is the nightlife of the city very important to you? I would think all the universities you mentioned would provide very good facilities... Just my two cents...
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    Hey thx Falique...I'll most prob going to one of those universities i mentioned..this sept. As u've said..there's very little diff between all of them..especially those terms of academics. Just curious..wHY did u choose nottingham and what were ur choices then?
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    I applied to Cambridge, Durham, Nottingham, Manchester, SOAS and Queen Mary. I was offered unconditional places at Nottingham, Manchester and Queen Mary. I chose Nottingham primarily because its reputation for Law is better than Manchester, as well as Queen Mary. Another factor that came into the picture was the fact that I wasn't very keen on a city campus unless I was in London. I wanted something more picturesque and university-town-like... Which was what Nottingham offered me...

    What are you currently doing in Singapore now?
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    I am more or less the same as you..i prefer studying in a more picturesque place. Hmm, i'll think abt the universities later. If i decide to go to nott i'll inform u yeah? thx very much for ur advice...
    Oh right now I am working.. 20 for lnat..quite below expectation..
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    My lnat result for this year was 20/30. Last year I got 16/24 (i'm reapplying) That means I got 2/3 of the questions right in both years. Oddly consistent...
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    I got 24 n i'm bare happy its like 80% can't rly complain =] my essay was a bit on the short side though
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    i took the lnat today! how did most people find it?
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    wow you've resurrected an old thread (and I thought I did well)!
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    (Original post by Patricia51)
    i took the lnat today! how did most people find it?
    I did mine on Monday. Thought it was okay, obviously it's tough and with a few of the questions that I flagged for review I changed my answer so a bit scared that I changed them when they were right the first time. But I guess i'll just have to wait and see!

    How did you find it?
Updated: November 5, 2009
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