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    Does anyone know what vetcam is like and how to get on the course?
    I met a vet student from Cambridge and she recommended i went, but all i can find on the website is the dates.
    Also, is it anything like Vetsim/vetsix, or is it different?
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    (Original post by Kicky)
    Does anyone know what vetcam is like and how to get on the course?
    I met a vet student from Cambridge and she recommended i went, but all i can find on the website is the dates.
    Also, is it anything like Vetsim/vetsix, or is it different?
    I thought the title read "Wet cam"....
    and your username "Kinky"...:p: ...TSR turning into a brothel lol.

    I need to away from that stuff! :eek:
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    *runs away and hides*
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    I went on Vetcam last april, it was a good experience. Your school/college should have been sent application forms, if not, pester your form tutor/head of year to get some. There is some info on the cam website, think its in the veterinary faculty under open days. It costs about £100, but your school might pay (mine didn't by the way!) and involves a one night stay over in a cambridge college (was queens last yr, not sure if it is every year). basically you arrive, settle in, have some talks about cambridge, the vet school, entry requirements etc in a lecture hall. Then you get to look round the zoology museum (loads of stuffed animals, skeletons and stuff) before going back to the colege. then you have a (pretty snazzy) 3 course, sit down meal with loads of vet students and fellows, which is really good cos you can get loads of info from them! then you get to sleep, and the next day you get a bus ride to the vet school on madingly road, get a tour by a vet student and a couple of 15min introductory lectures on some of cambridge's research topics, before a finger-buffet and home.
    Its a good experience, you get to meet some peeps your competing with (lol) and have a good nosy around the vetty parts of cambridge! Id say go on it if you can!
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    i really enjoyed vet cam last year! its definitly one to go to if you're interested in applying to cambridge I had a great time.. you find out quite a lot about how things really are in cambridge... its not like vetsix and vetsim because its not general like them.. it really focuses in on what it is like to study vet med at cambridge and whatc kind of person they want there.
    Also its another good way to make vetty friends im still in touch with a girl i met there, and it has been great sharing our interview experiences and offers and stuff with each other... we might even end up going to teh same uni now as we've both got offers from bristol and rvc

    so yer - go for it - nag your head of 6th form or tutor or sumthing - they are the ones that get teh forms sent to them for application


    ooooooooooh just though... also we had this talk from a guy who was doing research into spinal cord repair in dogs.. it was really interesting... i got home and was reading new scientist the next day.. and there was this long artical about spinal cord repair in dogs.. i looked at the author.. and it was the same guy who had been talking to us about it - i thought that was pretty amazing, and it did make me realise that these really were the top scientists in the world that we were dealing with... at cambridge and at all the other vet schools,,, which i thought was pretty amazing
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    anyone heard anymore about this course as i'm struggling to get information from the internet and school.
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    I don't even know the dates at the moment, apart from it's in March or April usually, but i'll post if i hear anything. I don't think the forms are out yet, but I don't know.


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