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best rom-coms

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    best romantic comedy films
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    bridget jones. Everytime
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    Bridget Jones,
    27 Dresses
    Pretty Woman <3
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    Bridget Jones (1+2) are hilarious! I like Love Actually too, especially when it's chrismas time. (Better than the rubbish American version one Valentine something...)
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    PS I Love You <3
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    Shakespeare in Love.
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    When Harry met Sally
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    Love Actually!

    Might have to watch it now :ninja:
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    Actually, on second thought, 'Beauty and the Beast' hands down.

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    Notting Hill - QUALITY
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    500 days of summer is good but i'm not sure if it qualifies as a 'romantic comedy.'
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    my big fat Greek wedding.

    or 27 dresses James Marsden. enough said.
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    Wait a minute...
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    Chasing Amy
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    Bridget Jones and What Happens In Vegas
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    (Original post by xoxAngel_Kxox)
    PS I Love You <3
    Really? I found it intensely annoying.
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    I like Becoming Jane, it's pretty damn funny, plus I can never resist a bit of James McAvoy. Also love 27 dresses (James Marsden, need I say more?), Bridget Jones is fairly entertaining, and of course, Confessions of a Shopaholic. :love:
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    Manhattan, Annie Hall, Breakfast at Tiffany's, (500) Days of Summer (duhhh), Sabrina. Basically, the films that established the rules of the genre and the later films that set out to defy them. Not saying there haven't been some good fairly conventional rom-coms in recent years, but the genre tends to be mostly faff like Maid in Manhattan and most of Kate Hudson's career nowadays.
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    (Original post by lostlizzy)
    best romantic comedy films
    I am a 21 year old guy and I am the king of rom coms! Ask me about it lol. 50 first dates, the ugly truth, PS I Love You, Notting hill, bridget jones diary....loads out there!
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    10 things i hate about you! and the french ones priceless, amelie and heartbreaker are really good too, if you don't mind reading subtitles


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