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McDonalds OJE Customer Care Assistant Job interview Help!!!

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    Tell me about yourself?
    Why do you want to work here?
    Do you know how many staff works there in that McDonald?
    Asked me bus no I have taken for commuting to McDonalds.
    How much time do you required to commute?
    Flexibility in working shifts and working days.
    How many hours can you work?
    About working in UK (I came here as a dependant so he asked me abt
    Passport visa and my husband is working in UK on work permit or PR.
    Then about work permit. And after expiry of that WP are we going
    to live in UK or not?)
    Educational Qualifications?
    What qualities do you need to work at McD.
    Suitable work for me (At the till or Food preparation or any other)?
    Sizes of shirts Pants if I get job there.
    Almost these questions he asked me and I was expecting that he will
    say to do something on floor or taking order etc but he didn’t tell me
    anything like that. My interview was over!!!!
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    Errr, whatever you say dude, *slowly reaches for the back button*


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