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Oyster card 18+ vs national railcard discount?

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    what would be the most money saving option?

    i am to be a fulltime student in london, travelling during both on and off peak times- would it be wise to get national railcard discount loaded onto my oyster to get 1/3 daily cap? (but i think this applies only to off-peak times...not sure.)

    or to just get annual 18+ oyster travel card, which is £772?

    paying £772 for bus/tube fares just seem so daunting even though in the long run, id be saving money than to pay 2 quid every journey on normal oystercard.

    any suggestions, i would be very grateful!
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    As well as a discounted cap, a railcard recently has been made to discount single fares with your oyster card on all off-peak tube journeys. It still has no effect for peak journeys and you'll get the peak cap if you travel before 9.30am. You can use the fare finder: http://www.tfl.gov.uk/tfl/tickets/fa...t/default.aspx to find out how much your individual journeys will cost. Select "national railcard" for type. Then compare that to how much the 18+ season ticket will cost for your zones. It's likely that if you need to travel during the peak more than once a week the season ticket will be cheaper plus that means you don't have to pay again if you go out on weekends.


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Updated: June 19, 2011
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