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GCSE OCR Latin Literature

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AQA GCSE physics P1 unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    (Original post by staraz)
    I agree about mondays exam. I have one exam left too it next monday whooo

    whats your last exam?
    German :mad:
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    (Original post by silence will fall)
    German :mad:
    OMG SAME! hahaha i chose to do foundation i wanted an easier option so i dont have to revise are you doing higher?
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    Hey guys,
    Did anyone do section a and see that 'otium' question
    the options were depression, fear, anger and over-excitement, but I'm sure it meant idleness.
    All the translating websites and translations of Catullus 51 say the same.
    Do you think it was one of those mistakes?
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    (Original post by staraz)
    OMG SAME! hahaha i chose to do foundation i wanted an easier option so i dont have to revise are you doing higher?
    Grr unfortunatly Yes :mad:
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    (Original post by silence will fall)
    Grr unfortunatly Yes :mad:
    you'll do fine! ahah im soooo glad i chose foundation
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    Yesterday's exam was not great - i think i made several mistakes, especially the first line of the translation (i did section a)

    and although latin was my last one, its kind of left me slightly depressed - I'm supposed to be really happy - what's wrong with me?!?!?!

    anyone, by any chance, got answers for section a???

    oh and what do you think overall grade boundaries will be???
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    Wow so apparently the Tacitus and Cicero section was also messed up? =S

    And yeah the otium question, what the... I had 'leisure' written in my translation.
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    I can't really remember the paper...

    - he left by night
    - Caesar had ordered him to leave
    - daughter was absent on the shores of Libya

    I say, "Oh deities that are living in neighbouring buildings and now those temples never to be seen by my eyes again. Those gods who must be left behind in the lofty city of Quirimus - be greeted by me for all time."

    - he worshiped the gods with this prayer
    - sobbing

    - otium?? i have leisure =S
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    anyone know what the mark scheme was for section b ?
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    Summerrrrr :d
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    (Original post by EllHv1)
    Yep, and also it said the last section, written by Clodia, was written by Tacitus :L

    Apparently the person who wrote this exam was fired recently by OCR for writing stupid questions, and they never changed the exam he wrote. That's quite clear looking at their mistakes!
    It was actually written by neither of those two, but by Cicero.
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    (Original post by hippogriff)
    It was actually written by neither of those two, but by Cicero.
    Yeah and I'm sure OCR edited the paper on-line?
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    I have no idea how to lay out a latin literature 8/10 mark question the ones where you are given bullet points as a guide? My teacher is useless and expects me to know how..
    Can anyone give me an example essay so I can understand how to structure my answer?
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    Does anyone know where to find examples of ideal answers to the 8- and 10-mark questions in OCR GCSE Latin lit?


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