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How much should a coil spring cost to replace?

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    The coil snapped on the front suspension and it cost £120 to replace, does this sound right? It seemed a bit steep to me but I am not sure how much they cost or exactly whats involved in fitting it.

    The springs themselves are around £30-40ish each for a small car. Obviously the amount of work vaires from car to car, but as a guide on a vw polo it took around 45 mins/1 hour per side to get the strut assembly out, strip it, and put it all back. So you're looking at maybe £80-90 for an hours work - expensive for a local garage, and maybe a little on the high side for a main dealer. Depends if they replaced any of the mounts etc at the same time - they tend to become mishapen over time as the car's weight is always sitting on them.
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    Its an Escort 1.6 with 14" wheels. The wishbone arm was only replaced three months ago as well.

    It also happened over night, it was working fine, the next day my dad drives off and the wheel arch was touching the trye.

    Yeah, sounds expensive to me too for just one - any other parts at the same time?
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    Nope, the receipt just says replacement of suspension arm.

    I guess this means we are back to square one and no longer have a garage we can trust.

    rover are i con, it cost me £30 for them to say "we suspect the ECU on your alarm is broke and requires further invertigation!!" what a con. to think, my dad's friend changed the rear axel on my rover for only £150, for labour and a 2nd hand rear axel and a friend told me it would cost upto £800!!! :eek:


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