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What's your eye, hair and skin colour combination?

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    Blue eyes, brown hair and fair skin.
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    I have blue/green eyes, and porcelein skin. And my hair colour is confusing. It's been called; blonde, light brown, auburn, strawberry blonde, and ginger before.

    I just dye it black. Saves me the hassle.
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    olive/tan, hazel eyes, light brown with blondey bits
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    Light blonde hair
    Blue eyes
    Ghostly pale skin.

    Nothing I'd change. I wouldn't be me.
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    Blue eyes, blonde hair, white skin
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    Blue eyes, naturally blonde hair, pale skin but tans nicely in summer
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    Paleish skin, brown hair, and green eyes.
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    blondish hair, blue eyes, pale skin.
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    Blonde Hair (y)
    Blue Eyes (y)
    Pale Skin (n)
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    black hair
    black eyes
    brownish skin

    i want to be blonde and blue eyed :/ sad :/
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    (Original post by Babyblue)
    black hair
    black eyes
    brownish skin

    i want to be blonde and blue eyed :/ sad :/
    We all want what we dont have...but yehh blonde hair/blue eyes is the best
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    brown eyes
    dark brown hair
    skin: white, altho i guess you would consider it tanned in the uk
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    Dark blonde hair, Black eyebrows, Blue eyes and light olive skin - all natural.
    I quite like the combination. I also have afro european textured hair so it throws people of what nationality they think I am. (Which is British)
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    Black eyes and Hair. A fair, golden brown complexion.
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    I have black hair, very fair skin and brown eyes. I wish I had green eyes like my Grandma.
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    Green eyes, brown hair (brown, ginger and white beard however :awesome:) and I dunno how to describe my skin colour, so just white.
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    Brown hair, Brown eyes and skin somewhere between white and tan.
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    black hair, pale green eyes and pale white skin... wish i had super green eyes like madam Hooch's off Harry Potter
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    im just brown, brown, brown!

    brown eyes
    brown hair
    and brown skin
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    I've got brown skin, dark brown eyes & black hair but sometimes I wish I had white skin, brown/blonde hair & light brown/blue eyes lol (as well as no spots/less all round hair)


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Updated: July 27, 2012
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