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The Music game Mark II

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    The music game mark II

    O.K. So the first version of this game proved to be very popular, so much so that I have now made the Mark two version. Most of you now know the basics of the game but for those of you who need reminding or anyone who's new here's the run down.

    The game is very simple - I give the name of a song title and group/artist, the next person takes ONE word from EITHER song OR group/artist and uses it as a link to another song - group/artist (with me so far?)

    By the rivers of babylon - Boney M

    many RIVERS to cross - ub40

    A few rules
    1. Words such as "the, by, on, to" etc ARE NOT valid links
    2. the word that links yours to the previous should be in CAPS please
    3. artist/group can only be repeated if their name is ONE word (other wise you can only use one word in the groups name i.e. link JOHN lennon with elton JOHN)

    This means you could use erasure as a link, but rather than turn this into a list of erasure tracks perhaps we could use a little diversity here folks?

    Following so far? ok, I'll start you off with:

    Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
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    AC/DC - Highway To HELL
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    Paolo Nutini- HIGH Hopes
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    Hands Held HIGH - Linkin Park
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    one HAND one heart - West Side Story
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    ONE Love - Blue
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    ONE Piece at a Time - Johnny Cash
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    Creed- ONE last breath
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    LAST Train Home - Lostprophets
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    You're The Reason I Come HOME - Ron Pope
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    Becoming THE Bull - Atreyu
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    Rage Against the Machine - BULLs on parade
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    The Rage - Judas Priest
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    Bullet in the Head- RAGE Against the Machine
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    Map of Your HEAD - Muse
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    Hole in my HEAD - Feeder
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    Cancer - MY Chemical Romance
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    Bad ROMANCE - Lady Gaga

    Is this ome just the same as the original?
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    George Thorogood & The Destroyers - BAD To The Bone
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    Fast lane - BAD meets evil.


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