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'Vintage' clothing.

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    Guy here. I have a few vintage pieces. I have 2 top hats as collectables (when would I wear one?) . For day-to-day, I have a vintage 100% cashmere overcoat made in England by Kent & Curwen. If you're going for a look, sometimes vintage is the way to go.

    IMO, the best vintage pieces for men are watches, trench and overcoats, hats, leather jackets, and jeans. Used shoes are icky, for lack of a better word...as are shirts.
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    I have a brilliant vintage 60s western flannel shirt, an orginal 1930s Royal Navy duffel coat, a vintage 60s courdroy blazer and two 60s tweed blazers, also an 80s Ben Sherman denim shirt which all look great and the fabric quality is so decent compared to some modern clothing
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    (Original post by PaigeSnow)

    Also, if you DO like vintage clothing, why? Please explain this to me.
    The same reason why some people prefer chocolate to vanilla.
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    can anyone list any shop names and locations? as I'm new to the vintage thing.. wouldn't know where to begin looking for shops.
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    OP, how can you say vintage looks disgusting? It isn't a style :rolleyes:

    I like vintage clothing - I love clothes from the 60's and the 80's, so buying something from those eras that nobody else will have now really appeals to me. And as others have said, it's quite exciting having a good browse and finding something really lovely amongst a bunch of tat, there's something so satisfying about it. I mainly have vintage accessories though - like bags and earrings.
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    I really like vintage. I love the idea that someone else owned and used this before me and it makes me wonder where they went with it etc. And yes most of the stuff is unique and special. Of course there's a lot of trash out there too.
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    I dress like Ziggy Stardust's distant cousin, that sort of stuff is hard to find in Primark.
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    Please, any recommendations of vintage shops in Oxford?

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    I hate the word "vintage" because of the amount of times you go on eBay and see something listed as "VTG CROCHET CREAM TOP CROPPED BLOUSE CUTOUT LACE 70S 80S 90S BOHO COTTON HIPPY" or when Topshop label something as "vintage" and it's so painfully obvious that it's not

    I am stuck in the 80s so the large majority of my wardrobe consists of leather trousers, high waisted trousers, long sleeved shirts, ties, bow ties, shoulderpads, fitted jackets, blazers, ruffles, jumpsuits, brogues and all sorts. Some of it is from charity shops but most is inherited from my mother because she thankfully kept all the clothes she wore from that time period

    I haven't met anyone who dresses the way that I do and I take pride in the fact that it's so rare to find what I wear in River Island or somewhere similar
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    I love vintage clothing, shame I can't afford a lot of it though.
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    I'm not big on 'vintage' but I do have a gorgeous vintage fur coat ( it's real arghhhh,I know,I know,how terrible) and a gorgeous antique silver crucifix necklace.I always get asked where I got it from and I love that it's the only one of its kind


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