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Dilemma- Music A level- don't know what to do!.........

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    I'm typing this at half 1 in the morning on christmas day so soryr if there's loads of typos, I just need ot get this out.

    OK, I've been recently thinking that if i wanted to do a music degree in university then I must have had at least music A level to apply there. The only probelem is that I'm doing AS levels at the mment and have 4 A levels atm, now I really have the feeling I may consider studying music in university, but what chance do I have without music a level? I don't want to take a gap year, but it may be possible to take up AS level probably after I drop a subject or osmething.

    My question is, is it possible to do a whole A level in one year? I mean, it may be stressful with the coursewor because ther'es a lot of practical content in it, but I just want to know if anyone else has done music and know if they think it's possible to do it in a year? My board would be OCR with my schoo, just for some extra info.

    Is A level music necessary to do a music degree? By the time I apply for uni I'd have a grade 8 instrument and a grade 6 or 7 instrument by that time. Is musical theory necessary? I've only done up to grade 5 so far.....

    Would unis accept if you've got only an AS in music?

    Anyway, I don't really know, what do I do? if I ever did want to do music for a living, a degree wouldn't be necessary but it would be preferrable if I ever did want to be a musician. ANyway god I'm tired, and if anyone can give me any useful information, please tell me.

    Anyway,I don't know, I'm going to bed I guess and merry christmas, I hope it's better than mine.
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    You're right, universities are likely to need music A level, although you may find that some places will be happy with AS level or grade 8 music.

    That's for university though; if you can show your worth at an audition, you may well be accepted into a music college on your performance alone.

    But, you're right, music A-level can be done in one year, especially if you're grade 8 standard - you'll find it a breeze.

    Talk to the school; see if they'll let you do that. Meanwhile, have a look at some nice universities that do music and see what their requirements are. If necessary, you can even email a few admissions tutors and see if they'd be happy with AS music in your (exceptional) situation.
Updated: December 25, 2005
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