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Was 9/11 an inside job?

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    (Original post by JinnJamez)
    First point - the structure of the buildings was stell, which melts at 2500 degrees F. It has been proven that the maximun temperature from the jet fuel is 1800 degrees F. What's more, the black smoke coming from the buildings shows that the fire was oxygen starved, thus could not have even reached its maximum temperature. There was a lot of metal steel found after the crash. Therefore a plane alone could not possible make the building collapse.

    After the crash, moltern metal was found under both towers, and also building 7(which wasn't even hit by a plane). This moltern metal contained iron(a product of thermite reactions). Thermite can quite easily cut through steel.

    Point 2- How easy do you think it would be for terrorists to make their way into a highly secure building and implement the thermite? Next to impossible. Why was a lot of the important evidence of 911 illegally destroyed?... some before the investigation even took place. Why was the collapse of the world trade centre only looked upon half heartedly? A mere $600,000 was put into researching the collapse.

    THE STEEL DID NOT MELT. How many more times do you idiots need to be told this?
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    No. Saying it was an inside job just takes blame away from the terrorists who deserve to rot in hell.
Updated: September 24, 2011
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