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Kent University!! are they lenient with grades?

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    hmm anyone have any idea how lenient kent are on computer science? They asked for 320 UCAS points but i reckon i'll be getting 280-300 points =[
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    errr, a massive amount of courses available in Kents clearing, look here http://www.kent.ac.uk/clearing/vacancies.html

    Can only be a good thing for leniency right?
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    Yay Forensic Chemistry is in a 2nd year running :awesome:

    There's only max 20 of us in my year, and 5 the year above :lol:
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    Good luck future Kent hopefuls, shall see you in September fingers crossed. :nutcase:
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    Lol like Jimmy Carr said:

    "When I hear you say Kent University I don't hear that. What I actually hear is: 'Clearing'"

    Though clearing or not, Kent is a very good university.
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    (Original post by ifstatement)
    Lol like Jimmy Carr said:

    "When I hear you say Kent University I don't hear that. What I actually hear is: 'Clearing'"

    Though clearing or not, Kent is a very good university.
    Yes it's true but it saves a lot of peoples asses, including mine!
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    Just an update. I was required to get 280 UCAS points with a 'C' in Spanish. I got 300 UCAS points with a D in Spanish and they still accepted me
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    I needed AAB but i got AAC and i still got in .
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    Hey I have applied to study English Language & Linguistics at Kent and my offer is ABB but I think I am going to get BBBB or BBBC, how likely is it that they will let me in as it is my first choice and desperately want to go there, especially with the amount of work experience I have done to try and get an offer in the first place
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    Anyone know the leniency with Biochemistry?
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    Hello! this thread has been going for ages but my worry levels are rather high

    I've applied to Kent University to do Drama and English & American Lit - they want AAB.

    But I think I might get AAC :/

    Would they be lenient? Or would it depend on the amount of applicants for that course who achieve the grades?


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Updated: March 7, 2014
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