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why do bengalis get called fish?

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    ive always wondered
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    Fish is one of the staple foods of bengalis, since the Bengal region is quite riverine.
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    Yup. The Bengali region is riverine. Fish is one of their staple foods. The other is rice. So they love fish. Most of them who live overseas just can't do without fish and rice. They make about every vegetable with fish. So they take it everywhere. And that's what contributes to their nickname.
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    Maybe because people think they are always eating fish and curry or fish and rice.

    Come to think of it, British people are often associated with fish and chips, but no one has ever called me fish or chips, for that matter.
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    Yeah, it's because they tend to eat a lot of fish(stereotype). You should smell what my next door neighbour cooks(she's Bengali), has a properly strong smell, though I've got no idea what it is.
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    The thread title made me lol. For our non-Asian friends on TSR, it's because of the stereotype that Bengalis eat alot of fish.
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    People used to say in my school that Bengalis ate lots of fish so smelt of fish,and the Pakistanis were called Chapatis lool.
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    I work at the fish market in Glasgow and everyone with the same name as one my friends gets their second name put done as fish in my phone book. eg Davie fish
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    I've never met a single Benguli person who has been referred to as "fish" before...
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    (Original post by lessthan3)
    ive always wondered
    My Bengali acquaintances used to call me 'Icha' (the wiry fish).
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    (Original post by nerimon18)
    I've never met a single Benguli person who has been referred to as "fish" before...
    neither did i until i moved to a heavily populated asian area, that why i was wondering
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    I have never, ever heard this before and I'm of a Bengali background myself LOL! I guess it depends where you live and the kinds of friends you have. :dontknow: However, I guessed as soon as you asked the question that it's because it's one of the staple foods - as has been mentioned.
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    There used to be a Bangladeshi girl in my secondary school and we all used to call her a 'fishy.' Lol, it was jokes. Thanks for bringing back the memories.
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    reminds me of this masterpiece
Updated: June 13, 2014
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