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My 10 most overrated films ever

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    Don't expect many to agree with me but....Reservoir Dogs.
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    Omg i actually love most of the films you've listed i don't feel like they were overrated at all... But i guess it's all subjective so i don't really mind Actually i wanna add Forest Gump, it was amazing and well thought out and made me feel for sure, but loads of films are like that, FG wasn't worth all that fuss!!! I just didn't get the fuss ...
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    Disagree with every film on that list, nowadays high popularity and universal acclaim seems to denote something being overrated.
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    i pick my nose when im nervous .. this thread is making me nervous
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    (Original post by IlexBlue)
    But... but... how could you possibly hate Wall-E? :cry2:
    There will always be a place for him in our hearts :cry2:
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    (Original post by fran.ha)
    Napoleon Dynamite. WTF even is it.
    Great, Original, brilliant and funny that's what it is.
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    1) Avatar
    2) Toy story 3
    3) Hurt Locker
    4) King's Speech
    5) Lord of the rings trilogy
    6) Harry Potter films
    7) Indiana Jones
    8) ET
    9) The Lion King
    10) Saving Private Ryan
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    Forrest Gump
    Napoleon Dynamite
    Pulp Fiction

    There is certainly more. Infact I seem to get my hopes up for all these so called amazing films, and then never like them. They won't come into my head right now though.

    Edit for ones I remembered:
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    (Original post by Inzamam99)
    I'am gonna make you an offer you can't refuse.

    I disagree with almost all the films on your list- most are excellent.

    The most overrated in my opinion is the Shawshank Redemption. Most folks go :nooo: when I say this although some do go :yes:

    Also I didn't think much of Harry Potter GOF. Far worse than the book and pretty mediocre to be honest. Luckily Deathly Hallows was brilliant which makes up for it a bit.
    I think Harry Potter is overrated but to say Deathly Hallows is the best one is funny because i actually fell asleep during it i got that bored
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    Pulp Fiction

    Star Wars trilogy

    Lord of the rings
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    Hangover for me was a bit overrated, it was a good film but people were making it out that it was hilarious from start to finish. I think what made me dislike it a tad was that it seemed a bit too unrealistic.
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    (Original post by Jacktri)
    I think Harry Potter is overrated but to say Deathly Hallows is the best one is funny because i actually fell asleep during it i got that bored
    Yeah I admit I exaggerated by saying it was excellent. But that notwithstanding, I thought it was the best one since the first 2 films even though it differed from the books in some major ways. I rate the first two because not only were they well made but they followed the storyline in the books word for word and I'am just that kinda person I'am afraid.
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    I can't believe anchorman isn't there, that film is ridiculously overrated
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    Quite true, but I enjoyed watching Avatar.
    Anyway, these must be included in the list:
    Star Trek
    The King's Speech
    Black Swan
    Come on! Any Twilight fans speak up:rolleyes:
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    Dark Knight - apart from changing batmans entire character style its just a poor mans 80's cyberpunk anime. Wouldn't of been popular if it wasn't for Ledger.. i didn't see the same happen with Brandon Lee... rip both regardless.

    Avatar - meh on the 3-d, story has been done before and apart from its bait appropriations, the whole idea of 'unobtanium' referencing the Iraq War was insulting to the viewers intelligence as are the stereotypical chracters.. the militant American cigar smoking patriotic screw the brown people(blue i this case) general army war guy was one of the worst characters ive seen in a long time.

    The Social Network - I havent even seen it, but a film about a dweebs struggle to make a website is not going to be entertaining.

    Inception - meh all round, shiny visuals, pretentious story, alright as a blockbuster but meh, its nothing special.

    Superbad, The hangover, pretty much every American comedy with the same **** actors in - the sort of shallow retarded comedy Americans love like Family Guy.. no substance or emotion.. just a load of crap jokes and situations with a vague plot... comedy is too important to be tarnished in such a generic and hollow fashion.

    Spirited Away - good film, not the best in the Ghibli collection by far.. i dont hate it but people always talk about it like its the best film ever cos its so magical and awesome etc...

    The Human Centipede - probably the best example of the decline of horror movies, instead of being scary a film can get away with being based on a very stupid concept. If you want some darkness and evil theres far superior films that come with good plots and complex characters as well as the gore but it has context and relevance. People who talk about this film being disgusting make me laugh, its so tame compared to hundreds of other films, books, even some pornography is more graphic and has a better plot... if you were serious about your gore you would know.

    Bladerunner - oh my ****ing god this movie is ****ing dog****.

    Shawshank Redemption - I love this film, is it the best film ever? no... but people who only watch **** like The Hangover seem to think it is because they only think films are all about whats in the cinema.

    The Matrix - **** version of Ghost in the Shell and a few other animes.

    127 hours - i havent seen a more stationary plot since i wrote one word on a piece of paper.. i did write it 1000 times in different colours but its still the same word.

    Transformers 1 2 and 3 - ****ing die if you like these 'hollywood has no ideas so it buys the rights to cartoons and makes generic explosiony films for a quick buck' dog**** films, they are awful, cringeworthy and destroy everything the original transformers was about, childish fun.. far too serious, looks far too real, theres no escapism, theres no songs or montages, theres no cheesy sound effects, standard shiny effects making up for the lack of substance.

    rant rant rant..
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    (Original post by y2k1)
    My god there is a lot of **** posing as 'great'.

    1) The Godfather-so ****ing boring. You'd think they would do something other than just sitting in a room around a table. So slow. The acting isn't even that good. The don sounds like he's got cotton balls in his mouth. Oh wait that because he has! Had to use subtitles to understand what is being said. Terrible.

    2) LOTR part1-so long and ridiculous. Every character speaks in an exaggerated fashion.

    3) Wall_E- The only reason people like this is because they are in some sort of mid-life crises and think that it touches their childhood in someway. In reality there is nothing here. Same with Spirited Away which is just a rip off of Alison in Wonderland and not a very good one.

    4. Requiem for a Dream. **** me is this bad. There's not enough plot to last the 12 hours that this film feels like so they fill it with stupid camera shots. Film could had been half as long. Trainspotting wasn't much better either.

    5. Pans Labyrinth. Just because it aint Hollywood doesn't mean that it's decent and original. So what if the ending is sad? Star wars episode 3 was sad but it was still ****e. Oh and that humming song at the end. So cheap. I saw it coming the first time I heard it. Such a cheap sympathy device. Grave of the Fireflies is FAAR superior.

    6. Princess Monoke. I actually like Studio Ghibli. I really do. However, there is so much going on in this film and with so little focus that it's hard to care about how it comes together. Just because a plot is complicated or diverse doesn't mean it's great.

    7. The King's speech. I dont have anything against it. I can't really fault it on any aspect. It's just kind of there. If this was on ITV without the hype, I wouldn't be able to distinguish it from the rest of the average films they show. It's not bad, it's just nothing to get excited about.

    8. Groundhog Day. The morale of the story is really ****ed up but in an unobvious way. Throughout the film I just kept thinking what the main character did wrong to deserve such a fate (the day repeats over and over). The guy isn't a rapist, a murderer or a drug dealer. He is just an average grumpy guy. He doesn't use his knowledge of no consequences to kill anybody or rape anybody. He didn't deserve it.

    9. Avatar. ****ing terrible. Never been so uncomfortable watching a film before. The 3d was crap and the plot and dialogue was even worse. Oh but look at the pretty graphics!

    10. The Fighter. I like Christian Bale. Good actor. But the characters themselves just ****ing annoy me. It's like listening to a family argue in a resteraunt. Really annoying.
    I agree with Avatar and The Godfather, but how could you not like Wall-E?
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    (Original post by Inzamam99)
    Yeah I admit I exaggerated by saying it was excellent. But that notwithstanding, I thought it was the best one since the first 2 films even though it differed from the books in some major ways. I rate the first two because not only were they well made but they followed the storyline in the books word for word and I'am just that kinda person I'am afraid.
    I stopped reading books half way through order of the phoenix i found it so boring to read i didn't think Goblet of Fire and Half Blood Prince were so bad they were definitely better than Deathly Hollows part 1 anyway
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    The Sixth Sense!! Man that was overrated in it's day! But that's half the reason I love it.

    I like a couple of the films op had on that list, and Bale's performance in the fighter was ASTOUNDING. When you see the real footage of the brothers at the end it is just unbelievable how he captured that man's personality and mannerisms down to a mother ****ing t! Avatar is predictable boring **** but visually fascinating in 3d!
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    Well, you are right in that pretty much all of those films are inevitably overrated because they get more adulation than they can possibly live up to. The Godfather is brilliant and one of my personal favourites, but it's not the flawless, unassailable masterpiece people claim it is; nor Casablanca, Citizen Kane, etc. Still, I probably wouldn't call any of them objectively *bad*, besides Avatar, and they certainly don't deserve all that vitriol, imo.

    Personally, I'd stick The Shawshank Redemption up there. I find that pretty much all people can really say about it when pressed on why it's 'the best film of all time' (and yeah, a lot of people do think this for some reason) is that it's 'uplifting' and 'Morgan Freeman is really good'. Good, solid film, but there were better films out that year, and probably every other year since the advent of 'talkies'.
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    Disagree with you in regards to The Godfather, Lord of the Rings and Pan's Labyrinth.
    Paranormal Activity 2 was incredibly overrated. As are most horror film re-makes for that matter.


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