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    So my Yr 11 Prom is on Monday and I basically just wanted to know, is it any good and what kind of stuff do you do?

    I am quite shy so am not one to get up and dance so is it acceptable to just be a boring **** and sit at the table all day? :P How do you even dance!?!? Do you just bob up and down moving your arms slightly? lmao

    Anyway, yeah just answer my questions please and tell me more info on it!

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    At my prom I drank a bottle of wine in an alley with my mate before I went in and then initiated a food fight during the dinner.

    Therefore, I don't feel equipped to advise you on prom etiquette.

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    I wasn't dancing, me and a few mates went outside and just chatted, had a laugh. Just try and have a good time, that's the point of it
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    My Prom is tomorrow. Not really that bothered tbh. If I hadn't spent money on a ticket earlier in the year I wouldn't be going.

    Prom is mainly dancing. Sometimes you'll have a sit down dinner, awards and pictures which can take up some of the time. But essentially you're saying goodbye and dancing. Just go with the flow. Maybe follow some other people. You don't have to be a great dance. Most people won't care by the end of the night.
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    EDIT: You just reminded me, our Deputy Head said that anyone caught drunk will get rejected on the door and that they may search people to see if they possess any alcohol but I dont know if this is a threat or what so I am weary of getting drunk before hand :/ Although, if I did, I wouldnt mind dancing then ;D
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    Don't get drunk before hand. Although, it's better to have a couple of glasses of wine before you go; it'll make you less self conscious.
    You will probably go in and everyone will just be standing around chatting and taking photos for a while with the lights on and no loud music. Then you'll probably have something to eat, either a sit down meal or a buffet thing.
    Then the dj will start and everyone will dance. You'll look silly if you don't dance; even if you feel uncomfortable and just kind of bend your knees up and down, you will look better than those that just stand still. And no one really dances properly! Just hold hands with people and move around a bit, jump up and down if it's a 'jumpy' song. After a while it gets a lot less awkward!
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    Thanks people Nice insight on what it is like
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    I think drinking vodka and orange juice and dancing like a prat at prom should be mandatory.
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    Had my prom about 4 years ago. When we walked in we all got our pictures took with our dates or whatever group of friends we went with, then we all sat down. The dinner was buffet style so it was self service then we had music and dancing. I didn't really dance much, some fast songs and some slow songs for couples. Then we had awards like prom king and queen ect.
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    (Original post by GottaLovePhysics! :))
    I think drinking vodka and orange juice and dancing like a prat at prom should be mandatory.
    Amen to that


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Updated: July 7, 2012
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