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Medicine/Dentistry with Foundation Year (A104/A204) - Do you want to know more?

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    Hey everyone. I have a question to all dental students. I am on the fifth year of dentistry in Poland and after that i would like to make an internship in the Great Britain. Is it possible to apply now? or this deadline do apply (22nd september) is one and only deadline.? Is it another way to make an internship in your country?

    Thank you in Advance for your responds!
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    Thanking you hugely. So A-Level just seems like such an unnecessary and timely thing to do, I absolutely agree I would flourish better in a full time environment.

    I am going to apply to Sussex (following a visit this December) and The Manchester College (Visit in June)

    Any ideas what I could do to prepare myself, to best my chances of being accepted on these Access courses?! I'm re-reading AQA GCSE Maths and Sciences syllabuses, medical journals, preparing information about Doctor's job roles, upkeeping my work experience in Healthcare. I'm so nervous they will tell me I've missed something important, does anybody have any idea what their Access interview process could be like!?

    ALl help appreciated! I've emailed and asked, but they are, probably intentionally, a little vague about what to expect. Here goes ehy........To the future *cheers*

    * just realised how many "I"'s are in that- whoops sorry just reeling off!!


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Updated: October 23, 2015
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