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The Official TSR Fantasy Football League 2011/12

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    59 this week pre bonus, not bad at all Little bit annoyed I captained RVP rather than Walcott because I thought I actually had captained Walcott. Ah well, only a few points difference. Also quite glad I predicted Spurs doing badly against Norwich - none of them in my team this week for the first time in donkeys.

    Decided to use my free transfer for the next week and happily I have ended up with 10 men playing without having to take a point hit. They're not the best players mind but still, feeling good about it.
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    how many absent players everyone keeping? lol
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    Bonus points out:

    The EA Sports Player Performance Index has now been calculated for all of Gameweek 33′s matches, allowing the Fantasy Premier League to add the bonus points accordingly. Here’s our match-by-match summary of how they map out…

    Everton 4 Sunderland 0
    Gueye 3, Osman 2, Pienaar 1

    Newcastle 2 Bolton 0
    Cisse 3, Coloccini 2, Santon 1

    Tottenham 1 Norwich 2
    Bennett 3, Pilkington 2, Martin 1

    Aston Villa 1 Stoke 1
    Weimann 3, Ireland 2, Huth 1

    Fulham 1 Chelsea 1
    Dempsey 3, Kalou 2, Duff 1

    Blackburn 2 Liverpool 3
    Maxi 3, Yakubu 2, Carroll 1

    Man City 4 West Brom 0
    Aguero 3, Silva 2, Tevez 1

    Wigan 1 Man United 0
    Maloney 3, Caldwell 2, McCarthy 1

    Wolves 0 Arsenal 3
    Van Persie 3, Walcott 2, Benayoun 1

    QPR 3 Swansea 0
    Taarabt 3 Barton 2 Mackie 1
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    11 bonus points for me I think.
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    Casual 9.

    Now for the fun to begin :teeth:
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    Silva 2, Dempsey 3, Cisse 3+3 [c], RVP - 3

    That's 14 bonus points. Still the incorrect captain choice though.
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    11 bonus points (plus another 3 for Captain) bringing my total to 73 points, best I've done in ages
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    I've got 70 points this GW, Now cue me getting terrible points this weekend, won't be a surprise though.
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    70 points. Best I've done in a long time.

    Achieved that without Mr Van Persie as well so that makes me doubly awesome. :awesome:
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    whats the best strat for next GW?

    I have 2 free tranfers and to get a full squad playing i would need to make like 6 changes

    So i guess im going to have to play 9 or so players. Sensible?
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    Oh dear, oh dear... really should have done my homework earlier wrt this mini gameweek. I only have 4 players playing this week and only 1 free transfer. :facepalm2:

    Here's hoping Moses, Walcott, Evra and Yakubu can bring home the bacon. :gah:
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    (Original post by Colbert)

    Now for the fun to begin :teeth:
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    Won't be affected too badly by the absentees, still got nine available players from my starting eleven.
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    I think most pepple will have 9 for the next GW considering most people have Rooney, Valencia, RVP, Vorm/Mig, Swansea defender, Jevans, Siggy, Sess/Mclean, and Kompany.
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    I got 9 but no goalkeeper. Might see if I can afford a goalkeeper and do my big transfers later on too..
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    Still having periodical fits of anger at there being no bonus for Ben Arfa this week. They can tell me it's data all they like, but that doesn't stop me punching walls for seeing the best goal of the season go unrewarded.
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    Worried about rotation ruining all my glorious plans :afraid:
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    Think I'll bring Tevez in soon.
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    (Original post by Deshi)
    Think I'll bring Tevez in soon.
    Hm... how long until Tevez does something stupid again and Mancini doesn't trust him.
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    First time I actually use Surman in ages and he scores! Marvellous.

    Very worried about my captain choice now though....come on Sess....


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