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HMV Interview, Please Help !!

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    I have an interview at the Birmingham High Street HMV store on monday, can anyone help me with what types of questions I may be asked and how the interview process works!?

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    Also what is this quiz that all candidates get given before the interview about?!
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    I have an interview on Tuesday for the same store. Good luck!

    I'm also interested on what the questions and interview process is like
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    aww good luck to you too!
    It was a 14 hour position was it not?! I cant remember if it stated the hours :/

    Im wondering if they'll be standard questions or music, games & technology based lol
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    Make sure you wear plenty of make-up ;-)
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    really, how come?! lol
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    My parter used to work there, they'll almost usually ask you what your favourite album, film or game are.

    You'll get asked about chart stuff and new releases. Usually, 'can you tell us some titles that may be in the top 5 or 10 of our album or movie charts'...etc.

    Remember, a key component to team work is good communication.

    Customer service will always crop up too.

    They like you to be able to be passionate about the products they sell, and your ability to share this with their customers and your colleagues.

    It'd be best to be prepared for other stuff too, just in case!

    Wish you both the best of luck!

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    i wish i had a job interview for HMV you're very lucky!

    Just arrive there slightly early, dress smart and smile. They will probably ask the usual:
    Why do you think you should get the job?
    Best qualities?
    Worst qualities?
    When have you had to deal with a difficult customer/situation and how did you handle it?

    etc etc
    Good luck!
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    Might be worth scouting the store to see what their promotions are, what top sellers are in the charts and getting a feel for the kind of things they sell. If you can demonstrate knowledge and passion of the brand ('Oh, I always go straight to your box set DVDs to see what new series are on offer!' or 'There's usually some great games in the pre-owned section') then they'll lap that up and love you.

    And think about some intelligent questions and opinions on the HMV brand, they'll almost certainly ask about it. Things like knowing where the name and logo come from (His Master's Voice), about the benefits of having a large brand record/game store and so on will really help you out with forming a positive impression. They'll want to employ people who like the company - so pretend you do or prove that you do.
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    And yes, turning up late, flustered or scruffy for an interview is a cardinal sin. Turn up five to ten minutes early and make yourself known. Mention that you're due in a few minutes so you'd be happy to wait or browse in the mean time. Dress smart, even though the staff don't, you should.
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    from what i can remember... i got asked the usual, what music/dvds do you like... one question was about your "desert island dics"...so what 3 cds/dvds id take to a desert island if i had to pick.

    most of my questions were about customer service though, tbh... which is kinda sad that they arent as focused on the music/film passion side of things anymore. BUT what got me the job was showing the manager how passionate i am.. we had a little conversation about spaced halfway through the interview so i think him being a fellow spaced fan helped me get the job!

    be friendly... be bubbly, but dont be too in your face. if you give off a confidence impression and show that you are easy to get on with and interesting, then that will put you in the best position to get the job. that's whats got me all of my previous jobs... going that extra mile in the interview and making sure the interviewee likes me/chats to me, so they think "aw yeah, i liked her!" and give me the job over anyone else.

    my interview was ages ago though, so things have probably changed! i was interviewed by waterstones last summer and they asked me to sell them one of the "link saves" (crap they try to flog you at the till)... so that could be a role play they might ask you to do at HMV (same company as waterstones), but im totally guessing here.

    good luck! its a really great place to work well, staff wise... job wise, retail is retail, your soul dies a little more with every shift!
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    (Original post by anno_x)
    really, how come?! lol
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    I did state on my application the kind of things that I was passionate about and familiar with (they ask what genres of music and what types of films your intrested in) - I was very honest therefore I was suprised at even getting a phonecall today ..

    I've shopped at HMV from a young age, I know about many offers they have and stuff.
    I will need to look into the company background ..
    As for its competitors will this be just stores or online as well?!
    I know Game would be one, but again I can research into this ..

    & Thank you for all the help everyone!!
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    Thanks for that popple7, was your interview at the Birmingham store?!
    I am actually quiet good at interviews, I have managed to get all the jobs I have ever been interviewed for minus one (my first interview) but I seem to be a little uneasy about this one so all the help is really appreciated!
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    I had an interview for Game In Belfast today- before I went in, I did loads of research about top 10 games, and consoles and that sort of stuff. Do the same , (top ten games, CDs and dvds) . Also, I think you should drop in some bands that arn't very big, and some groups that go back to the seventies ,as well as different types of bands in different genres, if you get the chance. I've never had a HMV interview but It seems like it might make you look like you're talking about. Good luck! :-)
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    ahhhh my interview is exactly 12 hours and 25 minutes from now :/
    getting abit panicky! hope i do well !!
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    (Original post by anno_x)
    ahhhh my interview is exactly 12 hours and 25 minutes from now :/
    getting abit panicky! hope i do well !!
    How did it go?
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    hi everyone, i need your help, i recently applied for HMV which was only yesterday and i just got a call from the manager at the trocedero store to tell me ive got an intervirew tommorow ( late notice) but hey i wont refuse this. he said it would only last 20 mins as hes going manchester for the week so he wouldn't be avaliable only from tommorow, so i agreed to come in. he said that when i come i should make an event plan it should be unique,excited details structures and prizes, and rules. something about gaming tournmet. im very lost here as i have only few hours to get this done, and would really love to be employed. any ideas? it would be a great help.


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