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What A-levels do I need to become an Architect?

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    I want to become an architect when I am older, and need to pick my A-levels, would these be appropriate for getting a place in a Architecture university course?:

    I also want to take english, because I really enjoy it

    Also what universities in the UK offer good and well respected Architecture courses? I know Oxbridge do, but because it is exceptionally difficult to get a place there I want to find out others, I have heard York also offers good architect courses.

    It's actually based on the university that would suit you best... for e.g the UCL Bartlett requires art because its course is very design based, whereas Bath wouldn't because its course is more engineering based, i suggest you go and visit well-known universities to see where you'd be most comfortable to study
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    Like FFMA said, it depends on the universities you wish to apply to, because different unis require different A levels for entry on your chosen course. That said however, I think your given choices for architecture are very good If you want to study English (lit or lang), then I'd suggest perhaps swapping the Geology for it. Either that, or look at the universities you want to attend, and see if they require art. If not, then perhaps swap art for english?
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    Might want to check your sources.

    The University of Cambridge runs an architecture course but the University of Oxford doesn't.

    The University of York does not run an accredited architecture program.

    According to architects the top ten schools:
    1. University College London
    2. Architectural Association
    3. Cambridge
    3. Cardiff
    3. Mackintosh
    3. Sheffield
    4. Bath
    4. Manchester
    4. Notthingham
    4. Oxford Brookes

    Don't use any of the papers tables as they are next to useless for architecture.

    Here is a full list of accredited UK architect courses:

    keep studying what you enjoy. one can weave it all into architecture...
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    Your A Levels should be fine I did a very similar combination (Geography instead of Geology) and did not find my choice limited me at all when I applied (to Cambridge, Cardiff, Sheffield, UCL and Newcastle) last year , but as others have said check the unis you are interested in just to make sure.

    I'd say do art because an awful lot of schools want art, and then if you think you can get a good grade in them do maths and/or physics, but if you're not sure you can, you'd be better off choosing a subject you can do well in and get a better grade at.

    I pretty much did the same subjects as you (just Geography instead of Geology) and I got on ok.

    I think most schools will ask for Art and a quite a few like you to have maths. In my first year I ended up doing an engineering maths module.

    They do seem to ask for a lot now, am I right in thinking some want A*A*A? Try them all at AS and if it gets too intense then drop one. They say it's better to have 3 top marks than loads of midrange ones. I ignored this, probably foolishly, I loved all the subjects too much :rolleyes:


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