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Psychology at Aber - Not BPS Credited Make A Difference?

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    Just accepted an Unconditional Offer from Aber for Psychology in September. I'm super excited, because I love the Uni, but didn't realise it wasn't credited by the BPS. Does this matter, or make any difference to my future? I do hope to become a psychologist one day.

    Would love any information you could give me, thanks!

    I'm not sure about this tbh. I think the best thing to do would be to perhaps double check with the BPS. My guess is that an employer would look more favourably on a degree which was credited, if they had a candidate with an accredited degree and one without who were applying for a job. However, as I say, I'm not entirely sure as Psychology isn't my subject area, so don't quote me on that.

    The university established the Psychology department in 2007 and for the 2007/8 academic session, it was only available as a joint honours course with another subject. The 2008/9 academic year saw the first year that the university offered Psychology as a single honours course. I'm told the intention was to have the BPS accreditation by the time the first single honours students graduated i.e. now! Clearly that's not happened.

    When the department opened, they were squashed into the already space strapped Llandinam building on the main campus. This was meant to be temporary and senior management were telling everyone they'd have their own new building soon. It was only January of this year that they finally started work on that! They've closed one accommodation block (in the middle of the worst student housing crisis Aber has ever seen) to turn it into an academic building for the Psychology department and the School of Education & Lifelong Learning. So the fancy new building will be shared with students from that department as well as Psychology. Hopefully when that is finally opened (we're told in time for September 2011) they'll get on to the BPS accreditation next, so that by the time you graduate it'll be fully accredited.
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    Thanks for your reply. You've been very helpful. Well I had a look at the BPS website, but they make it sound awful if a course isn't BPS accredited and it had me really worried.

    Wasn't aware they were aiming for being accredited by 2011, so that's encouraging. Even if this happens after I start my course, do you think that I'd still be able to graduate with a BPS accredited degree? (Sorry, know you said it's not your area)

    Thanks again.


    I must say i just saw your post and the answer is that it really depends what you want to do after uni... if you want to practice psychology in any way shape or form the you will need to be accredited by the BPS.... if you wish to study as a post grad i.e. do a masters or anything like that, then basically no one will touch you with a barge pole unless you are BPS. It is essentially to protect the public, you see the BPS govern you to practice any type of psychology and you must adhere to the rules for public protection, therefore in order to get BPS accredited you must complete certain modules which your uni may or may not do. You should probably check which module you will do and which you will not on the BPS list and see if you can pick them up else where as it will make your life a whole lot easier.

    Sorry but i hope that helps!

    Hi Frewink,

    Unfortunately Skeptical is right. You have to have a Psych degree accredited by the BPS (as well as several years relevant experience) to be considered for any of the postgrad training courses that qualify you to be a psychologist. Such as the Doctorate in Clinical Psych, or Educational Psychology, Health Psychology, the Psychotherapist training etc etc!

    I'm sure there are some Masters level courses that would consider you, but even if you had a Masters such as Research Design Methods (many aspiring psychologist undertake a masters to boost their chances of getting on the Doctoral level training) you would still be ineligible for training as your Bsc Hons Psych degree is not BPS accredited.

    However, you may be able to undertake a conversion course masters to gain BPS accreditation with a uni that runs the BSc Hon Psych degree accredited by the BPS. However this will incur more cost for you and could be avoided if you did a BPS accredited degree in the first place. People generally do the conversion course if they have undertaken another degree or some joint honours degrees and want to gain a Bsc Hons in Psych in order to pursue a career as a psychologist.

    So I am afraid BPS accreditation is really important.
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    Thank you all for your replies, you have been a great help. I just feel foolish for not looking into this before, but not much I can do about that now.

    I've spoken to the Psychology Department and got some more information about the situation; and it doesn't seem quite as bad as I first thought. However, I do have to do some real thinking now.

    But your replies have definitely helped me, so ta again.

    Hi I'm currently studying Psychology and Education at Aber, and about to go into my third year BPS accreditation is important, however not completely essential, especially if you eventually change your mind and decide that becoming a psychologist is not what you want to do check out Jade's blog on http://insiders.aber.ac.uk because she's also in my year, a friend of mine studying single honours Psych.

    The department are very helpful in answering any queries you have, and as far as I am aware, they are aiming for accreditation by 2012, just after I graduate, so I would think you would end with an accredited degree if this happened. Furthermore, you can do a conversion course, or alternatively, many specialised but not Psychology-related degrees/courses, i.e. counselling, don't require accreditation. I know this because of researching post-grad study as I want to do counselling Hope this helps and don't worry, you'll love Psychology in Aber, especially with the new department building.

    Hello,I would like to ask you whether Law and Criminolgy is accredited because I couldn't find information anywhere.I would be very thankful if someone tells me.

    Hi unpredicatable

    I'm not sure, as I do a joint honours degree with Education. However, if you contact the Law and Criminology department, they should be able to answer any of your questions

    Having someone besides me who works and teaches in the field (my wife), she informs me that a Psychology degree that isn't BPS accredited is basically worthless in a market that is saturated with ex-students wielding BPS accredited degrees if you wish to actually stay in the field.

    You may be able to use it to enter into a graduate position in a non-related industry but the general rule of thumb is apparently "no BPS, no point".


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