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Kavos or Ayia Napa?

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    Some friends and I are planning to go to either of the two resorts next summer. If anyone could give positives and negatives about the resorts, what the people are like, if there are more boys or more girls, how good clubs are etc.
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    The clubs in Ayia Napa are run by the cypriot mafia. Whilst my pals were out there one girl got 'taken care of' because she stole a bottle of sambucca.

    That said I can't imagine Kavos is that much different...
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    Ayia Napa is a much bigger resort than Kavos, been there 3 times. Never been to Kavos but heard the beach is rubbish, whereas Napa has some really nice ones, especially Nissi Beach.
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    Been to Napa 3 times in total, twice this year. I hear its better than Kavos, loads more bars and stuff. Research on the net and see what they both offer you, or go speak to a travel agent, they usually can tell you which would be better for you.

    As above though, Nissi beach is gorg.


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Updated: July 19, 2011
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