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Swagger Jagger chorus stolen??

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    When I first heard the song I projectile vomited all over my gran's living room.
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    I was thinking this the other day! Couldn't remember what the other song was called though.

    Coldplay, Clementine, what next...
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    stolen or not Swagger Dagger is the worst music(lyrically) in million years to gaze our eyes.
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    Loads of songs are "stolen" from other songs. For example.

    Stolen from:

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    Welcome to the concept of music, nearly everything is sampled or sounds like something else etc etc etc.
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    You're all forgetting that most popular music artists don't write their own lyrics, Cher Lloyd is hardly at fault here - even the tune is **** obviously.
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    (Original post by xoxAngel_Kxox)
    Loads of songs are "stolen" from other songs. For example.

    Stolen from:

    Good call - or is it homage?
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    'stolen' - chances are, the record label paid (or got permission) for the right to use the beat from the other song.

    PS: Swagger jagger is crap.
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    (Original post by Fingersmith)
    Good call - or is it homage?
    There's homage and then there's that!

    (Rep returned by the way, tyvm.)


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Updated: August 13, 2011
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