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Liverpool Medicine MBChB A100 Applicants 2012

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    I did not apply to Liverpool. I just want to vote for the 'lulz'.

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    Just firmed liverpool For those who are asking for the time of update...how can i check that? (sorry, very unfamiliar with the way track works!)

    Thanks so much guys, for all the words of encouragement and comfort these last few days! I can't wait to meet you all
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    OFFER!!! I think there may be something wrong with it as they are asking for IELTS as well as AA even though I have GCSEs and A Levels. They don't answer the phone so I guess I will email right??
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    (Original post by korz)
    aha cheers are you the admin of that group? also have u recieved an email?
    I'm one of the admins .. there are three of us and I haven't received their email yet. I received an email from them just now on how to manage student budget but it's not the email about the offer, still waiting for that.
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    UNCONDITIONAL OFFER :party: Hell YEH sooo happy! thatts everyone replied to me now.....Decisions time (liverpool liverpool liverpool) hahaha x
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    My nerves are shot, this is killing me! Pleeaaaase Liverpool, I just need to know!
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    Offer today thank GOD!! Good luck everyone else...don't doubt yourselves, you got this!!
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    offer . but how do you withdraw from another choice?
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    good luck to everyone else
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    Congrats on the offers!
    What time did everyone's track update?
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    Unconditional offer, plus it's my birthday so not a bad present!
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    (Original post by hollowchimpanzee)
    Are there any home applicants left to hear?
    Yeah me, still no news today though, unless its 7:30 we hear, do UCAS work on BST?
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    (Original post by rainbowsxyz)
    Congrats on the offers!
    What time did everyone's track update?
    Ucas Updates liverpool offers at around 5:30 pm everyday
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    OMG!!!!! OFFER!!!!!!!!! THIS IS UNREAL!!!!

    first time applicant
    interview - 17/11/11
    track update at 17.30

    Good luck to the rest of you!!!!
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    So happy

    Reapplicant, so no grades to stress about!!!

    track update at 5:30pm

    good luck everyone!
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    Congrats to all with offers!! I haven't heard yet but hoping sometime this week
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    did anyone that got an offer had there interview on the 24th of november?
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    Anyone got an interview after being sent the fees questionnaire? I think maybe they're taking longer with me firstly to decide if I'm home or international (I'm a home reapplicant btw)
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    Congrats to all of those with offers! Pretty jealous hehehe
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    (Original post by .eXe)
    Hey, I received that letter thing about a month and half ago, I filled it out and sent it to them. Then a few weeks later I got a letter in the mail explaining that based on my reply they were considering me an overseas applicant. Not sure if that's god or bad but just though i'd let you know what happens after. good luck!
    Thank you I am getting very nervous now but i guess they wouldn't have been able to decide until i completed the form...oh i don't know what to think! Good luck to you too and congrats on your other offer


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Updated: November 29, 2012
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