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The Describe The Person Above You 5th Generation

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  1. Offline

    ^thinks he's in the west midlands. You in T town this week my old pumpkin friend?
  2. Offline

    ^ suspects I'm not actually in the West Midlands and is right...but I will be by this evening!

    ^ is in Italy?

    ^ is actually on a plane, coming from Spain.
  3. Offline

    ^ Wishes he could be in Italy/Spain :moon:
  4. Offline

    ^Wish she could be less authoritarian and more left wing :daydreaming:
  5. Offline

    ^Something about you is different but I can't work it out :mmm:
  6. Offline

    has had a gender change :gasp:
    also in the crew of zed,innit brah :ahee:
  7. Offline

    ^I am a real girl! Also, damn right! Dem Zeds be runnin tings round these parts :cool:

  8. Offline

    ^ Has had a reverse-reverse sex change :holmes:
  9. Offline

    Is someone I've heard of but don't actually know.
    Do tell
  10. Offline

    ^ Well what do you want to know? :ninja:
  11. Offline

    ^well is he a comedian or show presenter?
    That's about it :cookie:
  12. Offline

    ^ Has made me sob for humanity. I thought you were being sarcastic :cry:

  13. Offline

    ^ I'm terribly sorry :cry2:
    It's ok :console: I won't forget again.
  14. Offline

    ^ Will probably forget again :emo:
  15. Offline

    ^ doesn't know that I have superpowers to remember stuff easily as from now
  16. Offline

    ^has made me feel smug and slightly superior :smug:

    Coming on TSR always makes me feel like a failure because every member seems to get A's and A*'s, but you not knowing who Paul McCartney is has restored my confidence in myself
  17. Offline

    ^ but but I forgot :puppyeyes:
  18. Offline

    ^Made post number 10001011101101

  19. Offline

    #8941 I believe :smug:
  20. Offline

    ^"There are 10 types of people in this world; those that know binary numbers and those that don't." Obviously you are one of those who doesn't understand binary numbers :mmm:
Updated: June 22, 2012
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