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The Describe The Person Above You 5th Generation

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Find the answers: Edexcel GCSE maths unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    ^ was being mean to me :sad:
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    ^Sowwy :puppyeyes:

    Being mean is fun sometimes though
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    ^ Is a fellow meanie
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    ^has finally admitted that she is very mean :smug:
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    ^has had some epic and memorable dreams the past few weeks. I hope you have more They have had great moral dilemna, mysteries and have grappled with lifes greatest questions such as death, the meaning of life and others >_> Wow, my dreams have been REALLY dramatic. I have been diagnosed with a terminal illness with 6 months to live (I'm quite please about how I dealt with the situation in my dream ), made a girl pregnant, gone travelling solo around the world, witnessed a loved person die in a ship crash, been on the run from the police, been on a mission to seek revenge and kill someone etc >_<
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    ^Doesn't know how to play the game :pierre:

    Don't ruin it or else :grumble:
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    ^ Wants everyone to believe that he's honest
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    ^doesn't the know the true intentions of what I seek
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    ^Harbours discreet intentions which he vaunts about in the post above but the intentions are often overlooked by our associates in this thread due to his supine nature :hmmm:
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    ^ What he said :pierre:
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    ^ didn't sit on her glasses this morning :sad:
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    ^sat on his glasses this morning :console:

    :mmm: I can laugh
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    ^is not bespectacled, like moi :smug: <---- although this smilie looks like someone squinting and trying to see what is 1 meter in front of them.
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    ^is using words that I don't know of :huff:
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    ^ Needs to purchase a dictionary
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    ^thinks that it is somehow rational to advise someone to purchase a dictionary in this day and age. What epoch are you from? :lolwut:

    (Original post by This Honest)
    ^is using words that I don't know of :huff:
    Consider it as a foundational element of your coruscating cultivation towards becoming a refined erudite like moi :smug:
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    ^not helping
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    ^is not currently pondering about giving up alcohol and hopefully trying to go to the gym regularly. Regarding the latter, I really need to discipline myself I always start off well, then it all f#!*'s up
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    ^ Just needs motivation and support :hugs:

    Unfortunately, I'm terrible at giving out both motivation and support, so you'll just have to rely on this gym-related motivational smiley :dumbells:
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