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The Describe The Person Above You 5th Generation

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    ^has 0 posts
    ^^Might be a Kat called Kitty
  2. Offline

    has posted faster than me

    and also edited his post and his name is Robin
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    ^ May be called Aberforth
  4. Offline

    ^ may be called Mary
  5. Offline

    maybe called Hankson tinkle bottom
  6. Offline

    Oooooo not many posts left! :woo:
  7. Offline

    ^ Knows that of the posts that are left, there aren't many
  8. Offline

    ^She knows too

    Who wants to be OP?
  9. Offline

    ^ wants to be OP
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    (Original post by Potiron)
    ^ wants to be OP
    what is an OP

    how are you feeling today?
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    OP = Old Person

    These guys can't wait to get old... so they keep telling everyone about it... it's quite amusing :teehee:
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    i find old people adorable they are so cute

    anyway is the best ninja i have seen ..well second best obviously
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    Op :k:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mobility-jetski.jpg 
Views:	65 
Size:	26.2 KB 
ID:	159352
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    That is sooo cool a grandma on a speed boat with her car chair thingy i want one

    you know i always wanted one of those of the car chair bike thingy

    That is going to be me in 60 odd years later

    Is Robin my side kick
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    Supposedly they are giving them out to fat people too... so that could be another route one could take if they are in awe of those electric motor chair things :ahee:

    Not that I am calling you fat, or saying you are wanting to be fat in any way. Just another option for anyone who wants one earlier. Unfortunately my body does not get fat so I don't think I'll be getting one any time soon :sigh:
  16. Offline

    I just noticed has the same number as me 25 :ahee:

    good I will just wear a fat suit so that will do the trick bike car electric chair thingy here I come :woo:
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