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Muslims DID cause the shooting, even inadvertently

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    (Original post by michaelhaych)
    And this modern world was in no way due to Christianity. The church has to be dragged kicking and screaming into a world of acceptance and tolerance. A world which it claims to monopolize.

    Need I mention the Galileo affair? The strong rejection of Evolution? The age of the Universe?

    Some christians even believe that Dinosaur bones were placed in the ground by God to test our faith.
    It's clear to say that any advancement in Europe can in no way be attributed to the religious affiliation of the advancers.
    Dude that's ridiculous. You've got 3 examples, what about the massive amount of science etc which got developed nps? How are these things being dragged kicking and screaming? The scholarly monks, schools and colleges set up by the church. The enlightenment. Descartes, Newton.
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    The only person responsible for the shootings is Anders Brehing Breivik. He chose to pick up a gun. Muslims would argue that Lars Vilks was complicit in the murders that were caused by Muslims who were upset at his cartoon, however the responsibility for that lies solely with the murderers not the cartoonist who hurt the murderers' feelings.

    People have control over their actions and reactions and they are solely responsible for their behavior. Except for self defense, there is no excuse for violence.


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Updated: July 24, 2011
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