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Differences between Pepsi/Pepsi Max/Diet Pepsi//Coke/Coke zero/Diet coke

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    If I walk into a corner shop, this is my order of preference.
    Pepsi Max ALL DAY, EVERY DAY > Coke Zero > Diet Pepsi > Diet Coke > Pepsi > Coke.

    Occasionally I have the cheeky Pepsi, but if I'm gonna have the IMMENSELY sugary stuff then I just go for Mountain Dew anyway. NEVER Coke.
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    For me:

    Pepsi>Coke>Coke Zero>Water

    I won't drink the other diet crap, tastes worst than a mouth full of pee.
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    aspartame yum
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    (Original post by scriggy)

    Diet Pepsi/Pepsi Max > Diet Coke/Coke Zero

    Coke > Pepsi.
    I concur.
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    Coke tastes better than Pepsi, if you want a flavoursome cola drink.
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    I hate diet/zero/max drinks. It's either full sugar or there's no point because it doesn't taste the same.

    Then again I literally never drink anything other than water and green tea, so for me the sugary stuff is just a treat. I can see the benefit of the diet drinks if you drink them all the time.

    Also I prefer pepsi to coke.
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    (Original post by diamonddust)
    Diet coke pawns all?

    And yes, Diet Coke > Coke. Coke is too sweet with that **** ton of sugar.
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    My personal opinion is
    Pepsi > coke
    Diet coke > diet Pepsi

    Haven't drank Pepsi max or coke zero


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Updated: August 2, 2012
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