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Opinions on Surrey from current students

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    I'd like this thread deleted please.
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    I don't go to Surrey Uni, but it is quite a well respected university. So I'm sure there are many ambitious people at that uni not not just 'lads out on the lash'.
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    (Original post by Thomas.flipper)

    I know about its "stokebroker belt" reputation but I'd like to know from students at Surrey what they think about their uni.

    The campus is really beautiful (especially the newer buildings and around the lake)
    but there were a lot of families in burkas having picnics by the lake (are they students?) and also lots of the student union pics seem a bit chavvy (unattractive females and loud/immature men/boys).

    (no offence intended)

    Is this a fair observation?

    Are there any studious/academic ambitious people at Surrey or is it just lads out on the lash?


    Surrey is a university with about 15,000 students and therefore there is going to be a massive variety in the type of people who go there. Of course there is going to be students who would prefer to just go out every night and get drunk, there is also going to be students from different cultures and religions. There is going to be students who don't drink or spend all their time studying. This is the case at all universities. I go to Surrey and can assure you that it's not just "lads out on the lash", there is a lot of international students but it is variation that makes life more interesting. Looking through union pictures is probably not the best way to look for "studious/academic ambitious people", how can you tell from a picture? The union is a good place to socialise and the majority of students who are in the union would have had a few drinks, this doesn't mean to say they don't work hard at their degree! Sorry if I misunderstood your post!
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    (Original post by HellcatShalala)
    quite a well respected university.
    From what I've heard it is well respected, the various league tables put it between 25th and 40th place over the last few years.
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    Given that it's situated in Guildford, and surrounded by towns that are smaller yet equally as middle class versions of Guildford, I imagine the chavs are the sort whose parents earn £75,000 a year, live in a 5 bedroom house and crap themselves every time their shiny new Reeboks pick up a speck of dirt ... don't worry about them .
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    It's not chavy at all. I am one of those people who does go out on every occasion to the union, but I still work really hard and got a first at the end of this year. Most people I know here both party and work hard. There's going to be loads of different people and cultures, and that's a good thing. To be honest, while being here I'v barely had to think once about chavs. Everyone's really nice most of the time and it's all about having fun. Also, Guildford town has no chavs compared to where I come from.
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    Compared to my hometown, Guildford has a relative chav to normal person ratio of approximately 0. The closest thing I've encountered to a chav is a group of teenagers who hang around the grammar school commenting on the blooming of the rhododendrons. Ok, that was a little bit of hyperbole - but I'll assume you get the message.

    Me and my coursemates will frequently go out for anything ranging from a couple of drinks to a full on night out. Going out at night and enjoying youself is not exclusive to chavs. Believe it or not, it is possible to enjoy yourself with your mates AND be "studious/academic ambitious".

    To be honest, I think that regardless of the University you'll find the same thing around the country. Potentially there are a couple of overly posh exceptions. Although even there I wouldn't be surprised to find the same thing happening.
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    Guildford as a town has a lower than normal concentration of chavs that what I've seen elsewhere, and on the uni they're pretty much non-existent, it's lovely!

    When you go back home at Christmas and head into town for the first time after being back you'll realise just how nice it is to be able to go out and not have to worry about chavs at all.
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    Is Surrey a little bit chavvy?

    Only if you're from Kensington.
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    (Original post by Dan1909)
    Guildford as a town has a lower than normal concentration of chavs that what I've seen elsewhere, and on the uni they're pretty much non-existent, it's lovely!

    When you go back home at Christmas and head into town for the first time after being back you'll realise just how nice it is to be able to go out and not have to worry about chavs at all.
    This. Entirely this.
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    Just goes to show that I shouldn't judge on appearances (especially union photos).
    Thanks for the input.
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    There is no crime in Guildford.

    Well there probably is but I like to say that because it may as well be true.
    As with everywhere else, you get different types of people living and working with each other. Best thing to do is come along to an open day and explore the place yourself and ask the students you meet on the day face to face what is good and bad.
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    whats wrong with women in burkahs there not going to bite you
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    Thanks for the correct spelling!

    No, there's nothing wrong with it.
    Just generally associated with deprived parts of East London or grim northern cities. Not leafy Guildford!

    And also, when I walked past them they did quickly cover up their faces which I am not used to.
    I usually give a friendly smile to people if I make eye contact. I was a little bit alarmed to have people rush to cover up their face.

    I'm looking forward to meeting lots of people from different cultures while I'm at Surrey for the next four years.
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    hahahahaaha man dont worry man guildford is peacfull and what course will u be doing
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    Umm, what exactly does chavvy mean? Please excuse my ignorance lol.


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