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gay brother's request- what would you do?

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    Couldn't they find someone outside the family?
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    I would not be able to do that personally. But, it is all PERSONAL. As long as the sisters are not pressured into it, they can do what they want, what they feel comfortable is.
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    (Original post by U.S Lecce)
    Couldn't they find someone outside the family?
    the point is keeping it in the family...
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    (Original post by Bonsai Cactus)
    What? No.
    I assume that the question is about whether you'd consent to have the eggs and sperm of you, your brother, his husband and the husband's sister mixed in a test tube to create a child/children.
    I'd never take a 50/50 chance of having a child with 11 fingers (probably on each hand, maybe foot) or a normal child. I'd donate as long as I don't get to have my own neice/nephew-child.

    you think I'm mad or something?

    there is a fifty per cent chance that it's mine or it isn't. if it isn't then it's my brother and his sister-in-law's.

    it's not that difficult to understand.
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    (Original post by LemonCookie)
    Yeah, i'd give them my eggs.

    As long as that was all i'd have to do, then hey, why not? they're only eggs, i bleed one out every month that just goes to waste.

    However i would encourage them to Adopt or foster first. That would be much fairer on the children already here.

    But yeah - it wouldn't be 'my child' it was only my egg. I wouldn't be bonding with the child or anything like that. Thats if i wasn't a surrogate mother.

    I think i would carry it too, if they really wanted a child, but the chance of this would be really really slim as i wouldn't want to go through childbirth for myself, let alone for someone else - so i'd tell them to adopt then!
    they'd use a stranger for surrogate mother.

    my brother thinks that it'd be impossible to carry the child to term and then have to say goodbye. too much bonding. otherwise it is just an egg. in his opinion.
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    I'm gay but you should tell them to piss off and do their duty to gays and the world by not procreating ;/ if they were meant to have kids then The Cosmos would've made them straight.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    you can do these things through different hospitals or something.
    least of our concern really. I think it's not that difficult to ensure that no laboratory incest takes place...
    I didnt think it was going to happen by accident, I thought the egg and the sperm were going to be randomly chosen so there was a chance of that happening.
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    I would do it, as long as you could guarantee there would be a/ no consanguinity, and b/ could use a surrogate not within the family

    You'd make your brother extremely happy and give him the family he will otherwise not get - why not??
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    I would do it as long as the child gets told who it's real parents are and I still get called a mum not an aunty...
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    they'd use a stranger for surrogate mother.

    my brother thinks that it'd be impossible to carry the child to term and then have to say goodbye. too much bonding. otherwise it is just an egg. in his opinion.
    well, it might be his opinion, but it's your opinion that counts. someone else on this thread something similar, along the lines of girls lose an egg every month, and couldn't understand why this was any big deal.

    On one level, it isn't a big deal, it's 'just an egg'; but then again, it obviously isn't 'just an egg', because he and his husband want their sisters' eggs. So there is some value attached to this.

    if it was me, and it's not me so keep that in mind, i'd be extremely torn. I'd want to be able to give my brother a child (because if it was my brother, I'd know he'd be a great dad), but I would be concerned about how I would deal with it emotionally, knowing i'd contributed to that child (if it was your egg that was ended up fertilised).

    I'd also be worried about the actual egg donation. A friend of mine donated eggs to a couple, and it is a really tough process, and I seriously suggest you have a look at what donating eggs entails if you haven't already.

    Finally, someone else who posted on here suggested a specialist forum; i really think that's probably a better place for you to ask your questions, and you might get some better responses than 'eeeewwww, no, incest!'.

    I would be prepared to do it, I think.

    Say brother's partner's sister donates one, I donate the other. Then my brother+spouse get two kids that are quite related to both of them. I don't have much of a problem with that.

    It would be painful/traumatic (and even slightly risky) having the procedure done I guess.. to get the eggs that is. But it wouldn't bother me too much them being my child biologically as I think I'll always be close to my brother and think he would be a good parent. I would like to help him. I wouldn't want my offspring to go to strangers, but to my brother would be okay.

    I don't think I could carry a child for someone else though. Couldn't bear to part with it, I think. I dunno, maybe I could for my brother's wife.. if I already had loadsa kids of my own. I would want to help That's much more risky/emotional and a different scenario...
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    I'd give them my eggs happily but I would not carry and give birth.
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    I'd rather not, but of course I'd do it to help my brother have kids if he needed it.
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    i would do it, but no way in hell would i carry the baby
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    Why is it weird, it is such a special thing to give a child to a couple who can't have them, i'd be happy to donate an egg to my brother if he was one half of a gay couple, i'd even offer to carry the child for them.
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    That is slightly weird, I can understand wanting to keep it in the family. But it would be so weird knowing that a child could be yours but you will never know :/

    Can't they get a surrogate or adpot? So many kids want a loving home so why not do it that way?
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    (Original post by Aj12)
    This sounds like some ****ed up form of incest
    In another thread earlier today half the forum was encouraging incest to be a social norm.
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    I wouldn't do it, As gay relationships are wrong end of, Who's ****ing idea was it to let gay adopt? I feel sorry for the kids in all this.


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