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Anyone going to Holland Park Sixth Form ????

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    Hardly any threads about the school so just wanted to know if anyone on TSR is going or has gone to Holland park School or Sixth Form ????
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    ... No one ??
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    This is dissapointing, my friend is looking into sixth form places and wanted to know what the social like at hps was like, I take it you started in september what do you think of the social life (like are there a lot of parties?) Thank you in advance for any replies
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    In the school, its pretty dead, most people are very focused on their eduacation.

    But outside of school everyones totally different. Party wise, depending on who u know u can get really awesome parties (ie on a boat, that was pretty cool) or the average house parties here and there

    Most of the parties/meet ups happen in Hyde Park since most of us live near there
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    just wondering, when was your interview for Holland Park?
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    My interview was around Feb/March. If u get in then they send u a conditional offer email.
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    I wunna go holland park, is it that boring?


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Updated: May 28, 2013
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