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Epic Meal Time Appreciation Thread

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    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++

    All these people
    (Original post by lisalilsmartass)
    [SIZE="5"]Created to discuss all things EMT![/SIZE]

    I honestly believe EMT is the best youtube channel out there, so excited when I sign on to youtube every tuesday and see a new video which makes do this :sexface: + :sogood: + :drool: + :perv: all at the same time

    plus anyone who uses that much bacon and jack daniels and invents gay bacon is a legend in my eyes!

    favourite sayings?

    favourite EMT video?

    favourite food made?

    favourite character?

    PS... I've been craving for a bacon strips T-shirt lately!

    (Original post by nadiah)
    Has anyone ever done their own EMT? A couple of people on my facebook list have done a few times, they are actually pretty epic!

    I think my fave would have to be their epic mac 'n cheese.....so wrong but so right....

    (Original post by maea05)
    Harley - We got that bacon. Its’ always about the bacon. Always, unless I’m drunk then it’s about the b*tch*s too! You can’t catch up(pouring ketchup). But we can Ketchup! Epic Meal Time, we thumbing meat! While you’re bumming on the street! This is your weekly golden bacon moment. Nobody can take this from you. I won’t let them! Cute Pig cutting board! It’s cute cause we’re eating pig! More bacon strips for more hater lips! More bacon flips, throw more hater fits.

    My cousins think the food on the show is gross but I honestly would eat all the stuff they make :sogood:

    I love Harley of course, and Muscles Glasses!

    I can't pick any favourites, it all looks so damn delicious.

    Think I could get them to come make me some meaty treats too?


    (Original post by Samz)
    The Mac&Cheese and fast food lasagne :coma:
    Also a big fan of the original pizza they made!
    I've never tried to make one though, I don't think I could eat even a slice without feeling guilty.

    Next time, we eat the future! :yep:

    (Original post by Kisamekick)

    (Original post by Saliency)
    Gay bacon strips.


    Chocolate saaaawsee.
    You can never have enough jd.

    (Original post by scotttb)
    Am i the only one suprised this thread wasn't created by TotoMimo?

    (Original post by .Scout.)
    Is it wrong that I think the Fast Food Lasagne actually looks really nice?

    (Original post by Lewroll)
    CANDY PAINT drip drop drippin

    The lasagna was my favourite. I will make it one day :moon:

    (Original post by cpdavis)
    Gay bacon strips

    (Original post by Doughnuts!!)
    (I already made a thread like this ages ago but never actually made the society like I planend to. I'm ashamed.)


    (Original post by dnumberwang)
    who, the guy who thinks it's weird to have a footlong from Subway because it's the equivalent of going to McDonald's and having 2 big macs, and who thinks one or two slices of pizza counts as a full serving?
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    favourite sayings? "Bacon" "Bitches" "Gay bacon" "Jack Dannnnnyals" "Soooowce (sauce)"

    favourite EMT video? Chilli Four Loko

    favourite food made? The egg roll

    favourite character? MusclesGlasses
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    (Original post by Gofre)
    I've already seen it. Too many vegetables for my liking ;D

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    I tend to like the look of food, but then they smother is in various condiments which I really don't like :|

    Edit - Also, there is nothing seductive about women eating mammoth piles of meat with their bare hands ><
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    (Original post by tehforum)

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    BIG BLACK CREPE. For all you stupid mother ****ers, thats a flat ass pancake. We're gonna have to die for this. WHATCHU KNOW 'BOUT DYIN'?
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    What's all this "bacon" thing about, somebody link me. :ashamed2:

    EDIT: Damn it, I get it now. :facepalm2:
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    (Original post by futuredoc77)
    What's all this "bacon" thing about, somebody link me. :ashamed2:
    Wooooow, how can you be a fan of EMT and not know about bacon strips?! :zomg:
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    (Original post by Delta_Aitch)
    Wooooow, how can you be a fan of EMT and not know about bacon strips?! :zomg:
    I'm technically not a fan ...... yet.
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    (Original post by futuredoc77)
    I'm technically not a fan ...... yet.

    Go watch some vids!! :bigsmile:
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    i always end up watching their videos at midnight or 1AM then get these bacon and meat cravings i cannot satisfy. then i cannot sleep and end up googling images of food. it's quite sad really hahah

    and that baconstrips shirt .... amazing
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    (Original post by Delta_Aitch)

    Go watch some vids!! :bigsmile:
    Link me. :flutter:
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    the first ones were generally better
    but id love to eat the massive meatball, the lasagne, and the chinese eggroll :drool:

    'VEGETABLES!!... sorry'

    'green decorative bull****, CUS THIS IS A COOKING SHOW!!'

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    its not sauce

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    "we take something SMART and add more BACON" :bigsmile:
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    uh big rib fliiiiiiip

    uh bacon fliiiiip

    Appreciate the bacon.
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    (Original post by futuredoc77)
    Link me. :flutter:

    Thats the latest one, released today.


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