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Stairway Club- Glasgow

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    Just found out glasgow has a new club opening up this week on Union Street!!
    Its called stairway, from the facebook page it looks like it could be pretty cool.

    On saturday night they have the amazing DJ Craig McGee who plays music to suit everyone's tastes!!

    Defo going to check it out, Glasgow needs somewere decent to go, starting to get sick of the same old paces!!

    Its also gonnae have live bands every night, something a bit different!

    Check their facebook page; Stairway club and see whats happening.

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    Yeah, I'm going on Saturday! One of the guys I went to Uni with is doing a clubnight there called Life on Mars, he's a good DJ so it should be really good. He says the place looks really awesome. I walked by the door on my way to the train station yesterday, it's got a blue lightening bolt on it. I don't know if it's because I'm a Harry Potter fan, but that totally swayed me!
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    aw i cant wait to go!! sick of going to ABC or the garage every sat!

    LOL the lightening bolt is pretty cool!! didnt really remind me of harry potter though haha!

    Kinda like the idea that its opened from 7!!

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    I hate the ABC. They treat you like cattle in there. I'm really looking forward to Saturday. Me and my mates are all going. It's been years since I saw the guy, so it'll be awesome!
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    Did you go to Stairway on Saturday?? How amazing was it!!!!!

    I had the best night, first saturday night in ages I can say I had a really had a good time (and not because I was so drunk I actually enjoyed the night haha)

    Cant wait to go back, am thinking this friday I have to go!!!

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    I was there on Saturday! We should totally try and spot each other! Right, wear a red ribbon or something on when you go. I'm going along tomorrow, there's a Rock radio thing happening, and they're gonna record it live. Plus the barstaff are really hot! I mean, seriously!
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    Oh yeah, and did you try the purple WKD? They sell them there, I had no idea they even existed. They were pretty random.
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    Aww checked out the facebook, billy ranking is doing it, sounds like it could be fun!
    Lol I could just look for the person drinking the purple wkds!!!!

    (And completley agree on the bar staff comment)

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    The Cathouse is where it's at people. DJ Muppet and DJ AM-y <3


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Updated: August 10, 2011
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