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Favourite/Scariest theme park rides!

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    Haven't been to Thorpe Park yet unfortunately, but for instant thrill I'd probably say Oblivion.. it's over in 3 seconds but it's still super fun..

    Overall, in the UK, I'd say Nemesis, it's a fantastic roller coaster.

    It's been years since I went to Florida, but the Rock'n'Rollercoaster was amazing! The Tower Of Terror was pretty awesome too, especially scary because you float out of your seat when you drop!

    Rita is good for the launch but after that it's pretty unexciting, and it always seems to be broke when I go there..

    Air is fun but a little mundane, Th13teen was a bit disappointing, the best part was the 2 drops then when it went backwards through the dark, which was only a small part of the whole ride.. I think if they had done the whole ride in darkness it would've been so much better...

    Shockwave isn't bad but it feels a bit dated, the 'seat' thing in between your legs is awful and it throws your head around too much.. I can't think what else they've got as I don't bother going there anymore.. erm, G-Force is it? I went there the day it opened, 3 hour queue and it was boring.

    The big one at Blackpool is good for an old school roller coaster, but we went in the winter so being that high, in sub-zero windy drizzle, wasn't that fun :/
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    Dragon Khan Port Adventura is my personal fav :coma:
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    All my friends tell me that the Hollywood Tower of Terror at Disney's California Adventure is absolutely terrifying, the scariest ride they've ever been on-- moreso than any of the rides at Six Flags.

    The scariest ride I've been on has been a rickety wooden roller coaster with big dips at the Paramount Great America theme park near San Francisco, mainly because it looked like a small earthquake would've collapsed the wooden structure and also because I don't really like roller coasters to begin with.
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    (Original post by cpdavis)
    Dragon Khan Port Adventura is my personal fav :coma:
    I went on that ride so many times :sogood: Whenever we went to the Theme park there were barely any lines, it was great. We'd hop off Dragon Khan and get straight back on it again... I'm not sure if it was because of afternoon siestas or not :curious:

    I love the insanely anticlimactic hill climb on this video "Waaaaahh... oooooh" :teehee: and the fact that you can hardly tell what's going on because of all the loops/corkscrews.

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    Kumba at Busch Gardens, Florida. Got more impressed with it after each ride. The Incredible Hulk at Universal and Kracken at Seaworld are also brilliant. In the UK I don't think Nemesis can be beaten, although I did enjoy Thirteen because it was pissing down when we went on it and had no idea what was going on.
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    I went to AT (again!) yesterday and went on Nemesis for the first time... it was fab, although i still prefer Air :P however, I went on Nemmy 4 times yesterday and Air 5 times, and on the last time at the front of Air :woo: <<< me all the way around the ride... lol

    As for scariest, Oblivion probably for me, although it's probably not as scary the 2nd/3rd/4th time :yep:

    Rita's pretty intense too, but for me it's too short to be worth the queue time, definitely worth a ride though if the queue for 13 is really long! (I got put as a single rider at the back of Rita - boy was it great! and the back is the best place to sit on Nemmy as well
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    Oblivion at Alton Towers always takes my breath away
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    nemesis, air and oblivion all at alton towers
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    Europa Park in Germany Mostly for memories cos I went with friends, one of whom does not like rollercoasters and made some funny-ass noises on the tamer rides.

    Silver Star is just awesome xD Euro Sat and Blue Fire are insane, Euro Mir is hilarious
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    Oblivion is the only ride I've been on that scared the crap outta me, haha.

    My favourite ride is Nemesis.
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    The saw ride. I love it :d
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    How has "Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith" not been mentioned yet?! :nooo:

    This video doesn't really do it justice, but skip to 6:15 to cut out the queue:

    EDIT: Ooh wow, one with the lights on...

    Lights On
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    I would have to say pandemonium in Drayton Manor, mainly because it got stuck when I was on it ... upside down. It was **** scary and it lasted for a good 45 seconds, but I still love the ride and will definitely go on it again when I go back there. Before I went on the Pepsi max in Blackpool I would have thought that that would be my scariest ride but it really wasn't, it was just really fun. I really need to try Thorpe park next, stealth looks amazzing.
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    Favourite: Air at Alton towers, pandemonium in Drayton Manor
    Scariest: Apocalypse in Drayton Manor, ugh...


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