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People with anxiety, take this test

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    i got 83:severe social anxiety disorder, which isnt that surprising as i'm very shy until i get to know someone most of the time and do get really anxious/terrified doing a lot of stuff - like going certain places alone, using the telephone, meeting new people, speaking in front of crowds/groups, etc.

    i am getting better though as my placements are kinda forcing me to do some of these things more but some of it still terrifies me and i do get mild panic attacks quite a bit so really not surprised about my result, actually pretty surprised it wasnt a higher score, must be getting better than i thought.lol
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    On a brighter note...this is my 600th useless post
    Or not? Still says 599 on mine...fml >.>
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    61, but that's no surprise. Not as high a number as some of you, but it affects my life greatly. For example, failing a module because I can't give a presentation to a group of ten people =(
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    80. No surprise.
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    97....what a surprise....
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    124... Fun, fun times....
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    94...deary me...
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    40 (fear) + 33 (avoidance) = 73
    You have marked social anxiety disorder.

    Faaab, I knew I was shy and acted stupidly when around other people a lot, I guess i kinda know why now :emo:
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    93. It is partly down to a lack of will power as well. Be arsed feeling sorry for myself
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    28 (fear) + 30 (avoidance) = 58
    You have moderate social anxiety disorder.

    I haven't ever been diagnosed but I wouldn't be surprised if someone said I did have a slight bit of social anxiety. I don't have a problem with a lot of social situations, but when it gets to public speaking and being surrounded by large groups I start to get intimidated and totally change into a very anxious person.
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    'You have severe social anxiety disorder.'

    Yeah, I tend to have a lot of panic attacks before having to do some of the things on that list.
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    hahahaha... oh dear, i'm 80.... but it says they can do "one to one" skyping sessions to help those with severe anxiety. Hell no, that sounds like torture!!!!! Skyping? one to one? with a stranger?!?! no way!!!!
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    I don't have anxiety (in the sense that I've never been to the doctors or been diagnosed or anything of the sort), but I did the test anyway.


    Understandable. All my hang ups are related to speaking. Public speaking, speaking in a large discussion group, speaking on the phone, etc. Because I stutter... mildly. In my day to day life, I don't. Even meeting new people on a small/one-to-one basis, it's extremely minor. But in certain situations, I can tell I'm going to start, which makes me nervous, which makes me stutter even more. Then I start speaking faster, and still stuttering, until noone can tell what I'm saying. I have given presentations and stuff in lessons when I have to, but it's stressful and I have to try SO HARD to talk slowly and calmly. My self esteem is fine, I don't feel like an insecure person at all, it's just the fear of being unable to adequately translate my thoughts into verbal communication that gets me. I probably should try and get it sorted, but it just doesn't seem severe enough to bother with, because 99% of the time it does not affect me.

    Who knows?
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    95... I didn't think I was that bad. Now that I think of it, I do hate being in certain situations mentioned though. Probably a big one for me is talking on the phone - especially to those not known well - I just hate it.
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    70 (29 fear/41 avoidance)

    I'd say I'm just shy, I don't think it affects my daily life. I'm actually more anxious in my own home - I hate when the phone rings, and if someone knocks on the door and it's not the postman, I will ignore it and hide around the corner of the living room until they've gone. :o:
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    i got 79.

    this thread has actually made me feel a better. i thought i was the only one who really worried about all these things.
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    12 (fear) + 35 (avoidance) = 47

    The test doesn't have enough options, there should be more than 4 options.
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    37 (fear) + 23 (avoidance) = 60 = Moderate Anxiety Disorder
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