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NHS professionals interview for Care support worker!!

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    I have just finished my first year of adult nursing and I have an interview soon for nhs professionals for CSW. Its 3 hrs long... including an exam ect. Can anyone tell me what to expect.... especially in terms of exam questions!! Any help would do,
    Thank you!
    Jade x
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    Hi Jade

    I was a mental health support worker with NHS-P, only worked with them a couple of months before I was made redundant six months ago (the trust I worked in stopped using them because they were too expensive and opted for cheaper agencies instead! So please be cautious and keep an ear out for this sort of thing happening in your local NHS trust. Managed to find another job now thankfully, but redundancy is no fun).

    The questions all revolve around common sense scenarios - infection control, dignity, what do do in the event of verbal abuse/patients acting inapporpriately, confidentiality issues, what to do in an emergency situation, health and safety etc. If you have finished your first year of nursing you will know all this already (I am doing nursing as well).

    The exams are timed and there is someone watching over you to make sure you don't cheat. It is set out similarly to a GCSE exam with tables apart. After you've finished the exam, you hand it in and are seen by an interviewer who will ask you face-to-face questions (some of which are repeated in the exam).

    Nursing students will have the knowledge needed, but be sure to really give them all experiences that you've had i.e. nursing home experience, care jobs, any placements etc. The interviews are quite competitive.

    You should get a notification in a week to tell you if you've been successful. This is usually by telephone and then letter.

    I hope this helps.

    NN x
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    that was different to mine. Ours was on computer and very easy. I failed the interview as I had no experience of doing obs at the time but I do now and I have another interview in July.
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    Does anyone know the best way to contact them about flexible working? The number they have doesn't seem to work. Is it worth talking to their Trust clients (for me, I wanted to contact South London and Maudsley). Thanks


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